Another clubhouse

Every other weekend, we have a gathering of the Coffee & Cookies Club at the clubhouse which is my grandmother’s home. The club members that attend these meetings are usually my father, sometimes my brother, and I.

But since a few days, we now have a different clubhouse. This is because my grandmother was rushed to the hospital last Thursday.

We were all so worried. I have expressed some worried thoughts in previous blog entries.

My mother and I have been praying that my family would come to understand, that grandmother should not live all alone. She is 95, has Alzheimer and a heartcondition and lots of other “oldies illnesses”. No, I do not think she should be living alone.

But thank God, after some research in the hospital it turned out Granny is a tough cookie still! She was considered fit enough to leave the hospital, but only if the family assured that there’d be care for her, day and night.

On Friday they moved her to a nursing home. This happens to be the same place where granny used to work when she was a young woman. This is also the place where she would have her weekly “seniors club” meetings.

For her, I think, being able to live here together with her senior peers, is much better than sitting home alone in the house that she herself doesn’t recognize as home anymore.

Sure, she lived in her appartment for many years. All her precious belongings are there. Furniture she once picked with her late husband, the big leather chair that her husband used to sit on, her collection of books, paintings and other objects that bring up vague memories of a life she finds harder to and harder to remember herself. Of all the things she owns, maybe her family photos are still somewhat of value. Family photos of all her children, grandkids and grand-grandkids…

Yeah… It is kind of complicated, I guess. Either living in the house where she has lived so long, but where her family comes to visit in the weekends and maybe 2 days during the week. Or, live somewhere where her family pays a shorter visit in the weekend, but there is care night and day and where she can sit with her peers every day.

My dad and I paid her a visit on Saturday at her new clubhouse. Granny was sitting at a table with a few other seniors, in a wheelchair in the livingroom. The nurses had just given her a new cup of coffee. Dad thought it was quite depressing to see granny sitting there with all the other old demented seniors.

While my dad sits with granny, I asked a nurse if I could give granny some stuff for her room, I had made her a vase out of a wine bottle and brought forever flowers. Once in her room, all sorts of emotions came over me. Sad but also thankful.

Dad and I could not stay long. During lunch, guests are not allowed to stay and eat with the elderly. Guests are supposed to eat elsewhere. So it was a short visit But for dad it was long enough I guess. He felt real uneasy about it.

On Sunday dad and I went to granny’s new clubhouse again. This time my brother joined us. Once we arrived at the nursery home, we also saw my aunt and uncle sitting with granny. It turns out my other uncle who has authority over granny has pneumonia, he was supposed to come and fix granny’s paperwork. That is why my aunt was there instead.

To make sure not to disturb the other seniors, the nurses asked us to sit with granny in her own room. There we had coffee together and talked a bit. It was weird but nice.

Granny seemed happy at the “seniors club”. In a weird way I guess God has answered my prayer for her.

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