Awkwardly Weird Oopsies


You’ve had a cold for weeks and not being able to smell at all is something you’ve gotten used to. Then one day you’re sitting in the car with an old friend. You’re stuck in traffic when your old friend tells you he crapped their pants, but that he’s glad you have a cold so that you cannot smell it. Just you’re luck that your nose decides to clear up just that moment, to be able to enjoy the full aroma.



Related imageYou sit in a bus with a bunch of friends, heading towards the train station when 3 firetrucks rush by. You crack jokes about the train station being on fire. And then, when you actually reach the train station, you discover that the fire trucks that had just rushed by are indeed at actually right there at the train station due to an unfortunate accident. Not a fire, but still pretty weird.


Related imageYour alarm clock rings. You actually want to roll over and sleep a bit longer, but to be sure how much time you still have, you decide to check your work schedule on your phone. The app of your work schedule doesn’t work. You go downstairs to look at the printed copy you made of the work schedule, just in case technology would bail on you, and then head for the showers because you thought you read you only had an hour left to get ready. Thus, you rush off early in the morning to work. The entire trip towards work, you have this strange feeling that something’s off. Finally you arrive at work, only to discover that you’re shift starts at noon…. Just great.


Image result for annoying jehovah's witnesses

You go back home, because you still have a few hours left to maybe catch some rest. You decide to take a nap on the couch. But then the doorbell rings. You don’t want to answer it, but whoever is on the door is very persistent. It almost sounds like they are trying to break through the door. Maybe it’s something important? Now you are stuck with Jehova’s Witnessess. This must be your lucky day! Better luck next time…. Bye bye rest.

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