Red Wine Tuesday

It’s my day off. And it went by way too fast. Because…. Adulting.

But before the day off vaporised into more heavy adulting, I decided to treat myself on a lovely glass of red wine. The healthy kind. The one that isn’t too expensive but is very good for a person…. Because… Bla…

And eh….. So…. Yeah…. Well now, you sure are in for a treat for stumbling up in here. Boy do I have a fun treat for you! Because I am so completely uninspired, I will just post some random Red Wine images now….

You will like it, yes you will. Go ahead and scroll down now…. You lurking lurker you. Enjoy!


Actually, I don’t agree with this. I find it an insult to the wine to pour it in anything but an actual wine glass. Because of…. Adulting.


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