Errrr… Wednesday

The days are cold and rainy. It is supposedly slowly becoming the most wonderful time of the year. One supposedly fun part of that supposedly wonderful time of the year, is that people tend to hand out gifts.

Yesterday, in the spirit of this wonderful holiday season lingering in the corners of sanity and insanity, my co-workers and I were informed that someone of the job agency wanted to speak with each of us in their office.

We were quite curious what could possibly be the meaning of this request. Those who had already sat with the job agency employee and returned back to work were keeping their mouth shut about whatever it was they had to endure. As a way to keep the mystery and the suspense on a healthy level.

I honestly wasn’t too thrilled. But errr, who cares?

The moment of truth finally came for me, when I was called in to drop whatever work I was doing for a few minutes to speak with that job agency person. Turns out we all got our contracts prolonged for another year. We were also granted a salary raise of exactly 1%. How awesome! A nice big fat 1% salary raise is going to be nifty for that holiday spending season to go all out and…. Yeah… Anyways…  Ahum… Oh yeah, to make the moment extra special, we each got a present in fancy gift wrap paper.

During my lunch break I had a moment to unwrap this fancy looking present. Now, guess what was hidden inside the fancy gift wrap paper? Guess what fancy present the job agency gave me?

Was it……..

  1. A gift card with only 1 euro to spend?
  2. A key chain with the job agency’s logo on it?
  3. One popcorn chocolate bar?


Well… This is what I got:

My my, what a treat! I felt so special when I saw this fancy bar of chocolate. So nice of the job agency to give this for a present! Wow, just oh so wow! I love chocolate. It is the best ever. But errr…. I don’t know about this chocolate bar, though…. They say one should be grateful for the smallest gift and I am really trying to be grateful, I really am.

But errr…. Popcorn with chocolate….? Err…..? I err…. Meh… Anyone ever tried this combination? Is it any good? I just can’t seem to picture this being tasty… But maybe it is? But errr….. Somehow I just….

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