RIP Chester Bennington

When I left from work earlier today to check up with my LPU family, I saw 200+ missed messages. Not something out of the ordinary, really. But today, the messages were anything but ordinary. It was the last thing I hoped to discover this evening. With disbelief I read about the news that the lead singer of my favorite band was no more.

“Chester Bennington committed suicide? No! It must be a hoax!” I thought. “He would never do that!” I thought.

Certain that I would find the truth about this outrageous story, I googled the name of the lead singer of my favorite band. Several well known news sites stated the same thing. They say when you find the info on Wikipedia, it is most likely true. But still my eyes refused to believe.

My last hope was to hear the word straight from Mike Shinoda. Until Mike Shinoda tweeted this:


Exactly a month ago, my brother and I had the chance to see this amazing performer live on stage. He was so full of life, so passionate in what he was doing. I remember how I convinced my brother that it was an opportunity of a lifetime to see Linkin Park live. Never would I have imagined that it would be the last chance.

Linkin Park has been a huge part of my life. Their music helped me through a lot of ups and downs. their music is what helped a lot of their fans through so many ups and downs. What about the future of Linkin Park now? Will the band ever be the same without Chester’s screams and angelic singing?  I can’t even listen to one single note of their music without breaking into tears.

Words fail me to express what I feel right now.  Part of me still hopes to wake up from a bad dream.

Oh Chester Bennington, how heartbreaking to know your soul was this restless. You’ll be greatly missed! May you rest in peace. May your family and loved ones find comfort, strength and love in these days of grief.

March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017

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