Gone before you know it…

This morning, I saw a short movie that reminded me of my grandmother. I sometimes feel guilty for not being able to spend more time with her.

My grandmother has alzheimer and her memory isn’t what it used to be. I’ve almost gotten used to the fact that she does not know who I am. I’m trying to get used to the fact that she has even forgotten the man displayed on almost every picture in her house, the man that used to be her husband. I’ll never get used to her staring into nothingness in the middle of a conversation without responding.

My father and I visited her again this weekend. On Saturday morning my father and I entered her appartement to say hello like always. To our surprise, grandmother was pushing herself forward with her rolling walker to meet us halfway. She greets us with a smile and says; “How lovely to see you both again.” Grandmother recognized my father and she also recognized me! During the rest of our visit, grandmother was able to keep up conversation, share memories and even crack a few witty jokes. It was a miracle! God is good, I am so grateful to see that it is going so well with my grandmother. It’s an answer to my prayers.

A while ago I mentioned in this blog the importance of prayer and vitamine B. Vitamine B is an important addition to my grandmothers list of prescribed medication. Thanks to this vitamine, she is more vital and energetic than before.

Life is short. We have so much stuff going on; making ends meet while we work our butts off and rush from all sorts of social events to make sure we keep in touch with friends and families. When I was younger I hadn’t found the courage or the time to visit my father or grandparents more often. I had my reasons, like many have their reasons today.

My father is getting older. My mother is getting older.  My grandmother is 94 years old. With God’s blessing she will turn 100 years old, which is only 6 years from now! It sounds like a long time to go to catch up on lost time, but it isn’t. To anyone who still has grandparents or aging parents, please visit them as much as you can. You’ll regret it later, because before you know it they are gone.

Here’s that short film I saw earlier this morning. Please give it a watch. And please, spend time with your aging family;

3 thoughts on “Gone before you know it…

  1. It’s good you appreciate your grandmother; too many people only see older folks for what they are at the present, not for what they’ve been through, and the wisdom they hold. I was very fortunate to have had wonderful grandparents. They’ve been gone many years, and I still miss them, but they left me with many wonderful memories.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Too many people take the elderly for granted or even worse; consider them a burden. These people paved the way for us and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. Life is so fragile, but it is nice that you have these precious memories about your grandparents to cherish. 😊

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