One More Light & Crooked Teeth

It’s May 19th. My 2 favorite bands both released a new album today. Linkin Park’s widely criticized One More Light vs Papa Roach’s Crooked Teeth. Both albums are available on Spotify. Yesterday when I got home from a long day of work, it was something I was really looking forward to. Sure, there were leaks all over the net available. But now is my day off, and now I have all the time to soak in the new music.

lp_cd_productOne More Light all together isn’t an awful album. When I first heard it front to back, some of the songs made me cringe a bit. Especially the chipmunk effect that appears to be a theme throughout the entire album kind of made me raise a brow. It reminded me of a sad attempt to remix a Linkin Park song not too long ago. In my case I had an excuse; I was messing around with sounds and had no idea what I was doing. I’m assuming Linkin Park are fully aware of what they were doing in the process of making One More Light.

There’s no heavy guitars or “scary” screams. Instead, we have Mike Shinoda spitting a few bars, smoothly singing a few tunes and showing off his ways with the keys like no other. Chester tenderly singing a few laid back touchy feely bubbly pop tunes. Then there’s Delson showing off how he can not only butcher his guitar but also knows how to strum the strings gently for a pleasant feel that accompanies the pop sound of this entire album best. All in all; I think One More Light will sound great performed live by the band.

And honestly, after a few more listens, the album actually grows on me. It’s one of those albums you could play during a party with your friends. It’ll be one of those guilty pleasures you’ll be blasting in the car or on your headphones when you’re on your way to visit your own grandchildren someday. You could even listen to it with your grandchildren one day.

But darn.

170x170bbPapa Roach totally won me over with their Crooked Teeth. The album sounds like a BEAST! Awesome from front to back. Without expecting anything, this album turns out to be just what I was longing for; Loud but sensitive, rebellious and proud.

I hadn’t prepared myself for this album as much as I did with Linkin Park’s album. The singles Crooked Teeth, Help and Born For Greatness all assured me that I was going to love this album as much as I’ve loved any previous Papa Roach album. Jacoby Shaddix and his mates bring the energy like only Papa Roach can and it’s infectious. Crooked Teeth is a 13 track masterpiece with heavy anthem-like power songs, deep touching ballads and collaborations with none other than Machine Gun Kelly and Skyler Grey.

Goodness gracious, I am in love with every single song of the album and I am already feeling sorry for my neighbors.

This is one of those albums I’ll be blasting loudly on a day off, accompanied with the rest of my Papa Roach collection. It’s not one of those albums I can share with all my friends, who are more into pop. But I’ve never cared for such things, really. I will be enjoying this album for years to come, terrorizing my neighborhood with; it loud and proud 😀

As much as Linkin Park has a special place in my heart and I am really looking forward to see the band live on stage again in a month from now, I must admit that I highly favor Papa Roach’s touchy tough edgy rock album way above Linkin Park’s poppy melodramatic One More Light.

I’ve put both albums in 1 spotify playlist because to me that combination actually works. Papa Roach’s heavy guns vs Linkin Park’s poppy rollercoaster makes for a fine combo. Seriously; Why the 2 bands don’t just go and make a combo tour together is a mystery to me.

Check out my One More Light & Crooked Teeth Playlist on Spotify. Hear for yourself what a wonderful marriage in sound this is:

Unfortunately it’s not all fun and games today. Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell hanged himself and died at age 52. It’s a sad day in rock land. Linkin Park performed a tribute to Chris Cornell at Jimmy Kimmel Live.


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