Linkin Park – Invisible

Just a few more days until Linkin Park‘s new album One More Light will be out for all to hear. The album itself supposedly contains about 10 songs.

Thus far, several songs off the new album have already been shared with the public ina short amount of time. Usually a musician might share 1 to 2 songs off the upcoming album. Linkin Park decided a different approach this time… I’m curious to know; What is the point in making an album with 10 songs and put half of the list of songs out there for all to hear, before the album comes out? Why would one choose this tactic? Frankly, it is a bit of a mystery to myself and a lot of others in the fandom.
Not all of Linkin Park’s new experiments were received with a positive response from the fandom. Those who were down with Hybrid Theory and Meteora and are still longing for another album that sounds just like that. Those that were hoping for a nice rock hard album, will be disappointed also. In all honesty;’If pop music is not your thing, you won’t find your satisfaction with this new Linkin Park product that will hit the shelves on May 19th.

6148xobkntl-_sy400_No worries, though. If you are longing for a bit of rock, your best bet is to maybe try Papa Roach‘s upcoming album Crooked Teeth instead. Also out on May 19th.

Even though I myself am fond of all sorts of genres, I too have to really get used to this new twist that Linkin Park has ventured into.

Experimenting with different sounds can be fun. Change can be good. To be able to appreciate the latest experiment that resulted into One More Light; it’s best to let go of whatever someone ever thought Linkin Park used to sound like. Be open to a mixture of whatever is fresh and new on the hit charts. Because that is what the new album will sound like. Like everything else you’re hearing right now. It’s something different, that’s for sure.

In a previous rant I’ve made it clear that Heavy, the first single featuring Kiiara, is not my favorite. The 2nd single off the album, Battle Symphony, isn’t a favorite of mine either but isn’t that bad either. Then came Good Goodbye. Finally Shinoda was spitting a rhyme or two, accompanied with Pusha T. It’s a pretty decent track and actually made it to my favorite songs of the year list.

Today, Linkin Park shared yet another song for public ears to adore or abhor, 9 days before the release of their new album. Invisible is yet another poppy track, this time with Shinoda not rapping but singing. And for some werd reason, I actually like the song.

The entire One More Light album is said to be filled with personal stuff. Stuff the bandmembers personally went through or felt like expressing. In a recent interview it was said that Invisible is a time capsule song for when Shinoda’s kid is older. I don’t know but the thought of that is just too sweet, awww 😀

I’m still not sure whether I like this new twist the band has taken. I’m still not sure whether I’ll like One More Light as much as I liked the previous albums. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Maybe once I’ve seen the band perform it live on stage on June 20th, it’ll all fall into place even more.

For now, all I can say is that I don’t hate the latest song spilled before the new album comes out. Give Invisible a spin, maybe you’ll enjoy it too.


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