Survived the 1st week of the new year….

Hello lurker, how are you this day? As usual I somehow can’t sleep and end up right here, blabbering away in this supposed blog of mine.

Here in the land of wooden shoes and windmills it has finally snowed a bit. It’s not a thick layer of  snow. Just a thin layer. Part of me hopes for more snow. I like snow. It is so pretty. But it also can cause accidents, make travelling a tad difficult and the cold can make people sick. Not to mention the slippery gray mess the snow becomes once the day progresses and filthy people drag themselves through the once white and pretty snow… Untouched white snow is beautiful though.
Now. How was your first week of this new year, my lurking lurker? I am not even sure how to answer that question myself.

On the 1st day of this new year, my dad and I visited my grandmother. She turned out to be sick. The poor 94-year-old had an awful cough and a fever. My uncle had called a nurse to come check her up. In the meantime my dad and I kept her company while waiting for the nurse to come. And when she finally showed up, it turned out to be such a horrible grumpy cow. Just OMG! She thought my grandmother just had a cold and thought we were whining and she was really rude. I understand working on a Sunday isn’t fun for everyone. Especially not on new years. But to get all mean to others about it is just ridiculous. She should be happy to be having a job at all. What a rotten fig!

Eventually the nurse was convinced that my grandmother might not just have a cold. She called a doctor. And thankfully she did because it turned out that my grandmother actually had infected bronchitis and the doctor was very worried, considering my grandmother being 94 and that she also has a heart condition. He prescribed her some antibiotics and my grandmother was ordered to rest and not go outside  throughout the week. 

I felt so sad and worried for her. After visiting grandmother I was supposed to go to my small church in Amsterdam, but I just couldn’t leave her like that. This first Sunday of the year, I didn’t go to church and decided to stay a bit longer to take care of grandmother. 

After the doctor left, my dad and I gave her the needed medication and drank tea with her. My dad wanted to go home before it got dark. Since it gets dark here late in the  afternoon and since my dad has to travel at least 2 hours to get home, we unfortunately had to say goodbye eventually to granny. If it were up to me, I would’ve stayed with her longer. But… let’s just say it is more complicated than that.. My family is weird. Let’s just leave it with that explanation for now.

My dad and I were about to grab our coats when grandmother said; “Are you  leaving me alone? Please don’t leave me alone.” That just broke  my heart. She says it every time we visit now. Just so sad 😦

Even if I was going to go against my strange Dutch relatives and take her to my home, the doctor told us she should avoid the cold as much as possible. Taking her outside would be a very bad idea…

Then she said she was tired. I  figured that the least I could do for her was help her into her PJ’S and put her to bed. My dad felt so awkward about it that he decided to stay in the living room. Normally a nurse does those things for her. But I figured; why have granny wait for another grumpy nurse when I can help her myself?

Once grandmother was in her PJ’S and in her warm bed, I prayed the good night prayer with her. It is a prayer my mom taught me as a child. My grandmother smiled so sweetly after. I kissed her on her forehead and wished her a good sleep. That’s when Dad popped his head around the corner to wish her a good sleep too.

Just when dad and I had locked the door of my grandmother’s house, another nurse came walking towards us. She seemed a lot nicer than the other nurse and would check up on grandmother while dad and I would go home.

Once I got home, I told my mom and  brother about grandmother’s condition. My mother right away offered that she wanted to help grandmother. My mom and I prayed for grandmother together about it. But still we would have to contact the family about us wanting to help…

On Tuesday my mom tried contacting my uncle, who has legal authority over grandmother ever since grandfather passed away and grandmother started to suffer from dementia. Mom wanted to check with him how grandmother was doing and asked whether we could help in any way. My uncle was so weird about it. Nagging about my dad and my aunts that they don’t help him taking care of  grandmother. And yet he was also  offended when we offered our help. I talked about it with my dad. He said would try to reason with his brother but I  haven’t heard anything about it since.

Every family has their own crap to deal with. I just find it figs up that grandmother has to suffer for it. She is a tough cookie and I know she will get better. But I just wish she didn’t have to be so lonely most of her days… Allet because her offspring are so fogged up and paranoia.


The rest of the week, my sleeping pattern was really fogged up… I’ve tried new homeopathic sleeping pills but they don’t work one bit. So instead I’ve been reading manga or watching movies at night. Got laid off last year so it’s not like I have other important places to be anyways. 

To me, the 1st week of the year went by like a haze filled with a hint of frustration. But I have faith that every morning has something special awaiting us. God provides new strength each new day. 

Today is already another Sunday. I’m a few hours I will be heading to Rotterdam to serve the other Indonesian church. Despite my sleeping problem, I am sure God will make this a wonderful day. I am sure He watches over my poor old grandmother and that she will love to be 100 years. I have faith it will all work out in the end.

And you know what? I might actually be able to  sleep for at least 5 hours. Which sounds like heaven right now. Considering I slept barely any hour a day throughout the week.
It will work out. It  has to work out. And wow, I should really go to bed. 
Many positive wishes and thoughts to you, my lurking lurker. Thank you for reading my ongoing nonsense. 

God bless you.

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