Christmas hungover + my Spotify Top 2016

christmashangoverChristmas hungover

Holy potatoes! I am still hungover from all the rush-hour Christmas. It was crazy!

My feet are sore and my stomach hurts because I stuffed it with lots of tasty Christmas food that I had the pleasure of eating on 25th and 26th of December.

On the First day of Christmas we had a Christmas Service at the small Indonesian church. We gathered early in the afternoon to prepare everything that needed preparation. Some ended up stuck in traffic and thanks to that we had to start a bit later than planned. But Indonesian churches tend to be “jam karet” as a regular thing so we weren’t even bothered about that anymore. The rest of service went like a charm. Together with the new vocalists we and the church band did the best we could to bring that Christmas vibe. It was just awesome.

Then on the 2nd day of Christmas my father, my brother and I went to see my grandmother. It is exactly 9 years ago that grandfather died on the 26th of December. For us the 2nd day of Christmas has always been a bit bitter after that. My grandmother’s memory isn’t what it used to be. When you talk about her childhood she can still be very specific about places and moments that occurred then. It broke my heart when we had to leave her house and she out of nowhere said “Please don’t leave me alone” 😦

After that, my brother and I went to my mom’s place for Christmas dinner and to play our drunken board-game + gifts tradition. We had a few laughs and I think everyone liked their presents.

Today I don’t feel like doing much. All I want to do today is rest, maybe play a few video games and listen to some music.

Playlist of favorite tunes

Now, every year I like to make myself a playlist of my most favorite songs released in that year. Of course I had to make such a playlist this for 2016 as well. The list has 20 songs on it so far and might still grow further in the last 4 days of this strange year we’ve gone through.

It is unfortunate that in 2016 we lost great musicians; David Bowie and Prince died earlier this year and George Michael passed away on Christmas. They all will be greatly missed, but their wonderful music will be with us forever more. Of course I just had to add songs of these great legends to my Top 2016 as well.

maxresdefault prince-rip george-michael-rip

214119784_4b208be322Hopes for 2017

In 2017 I hope to be able to create a playlist with some brand new Linkin Park, some Eminem and perhaps some Papa Roach. I know both Papa Roach and Linkin Park are working on a long awaited new album. Linkin Park will even do a few Festivals in Europe in 2017, which I really am looking forward to. Wahoo!

Ok, here comes the playlist for reals

But in the meantime we still have 4 days left before 2016 is finally gone. Better make the most of those 4 days. Enjoy music, enjoy life and while we’re at it, enjoy my awesome Spotify playlist!

Spotify Top 2016

Do you have a playlist with your own favorite tunes of 2016? Feel free to share!

That’ll be all for now. Have yourself a lovely last week of the year 2016!

Many blessings to you.


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