Christmas Tunes

christmas-bell-png-hdSo busy right now with preparations for the Sunday Church Christmas service. The day before Christmas I will be celebrating with one part of my small family and then on the second day of Christmas with the other part of my small family. Hooray for being the offspring of divorced parents! It’s great, we get to celebrate Christmas for at least a week straight just to make sure everyone’s had their share of “family time” during the holidays.

And then somewhere in the last week of the year 2016 I’ll be eating Rum Oliebollen (recipe for this coming soon available) and playing some old fashioned Mortal Kombat with my awkward friends. What better way to have fun then by virtually kicking your friends butts? Oh man! Fun times! Fun times are not prohibited, people. God wants us to enjoy life 😉

On Old to New Years Eve I’ll be having more Rum Oliebollen with some other awkward friends and some champagne to ring in the new year. Yay! Looking forward to that all. So excited for it!


Like every year, this year too I’ll share my favorite list of Christmas Carols. Yes. Here is my Christmas Playlist for the year 2016. It’s basically the same list I used last year but with some more tunes added to it. Because why the heck not, right?

A lot of the typical Christmas tunes makes me cringe. Mariah Carey and Michael BublĂ© just don’t do it for me. For some reason, whenever I hear those tunes in the store or on the radio I just feel a bit noxious.

Thankfully there are plenty of other Christmas tunes out there that are quite enjoyable and fun to listen to. For instance, I really like I Won’t Be Home For Christmas – Blink 182, it is an all time favorite of mine. Because so far I’ve rarely been home on Christmas day. Is there a Christmas song you just can’t get enough of? Perhaps it’s on my Spotify X-Mas Carols playlist!

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