Looking forward to Christmas

funny-christmas-meme-bxeef5vmIt’s cold here

My fingers are freezing but I’m sure they will warm up as I type along on this random blog. The last time I even tried making a blog entry in here has been quite a while ago.

It is December already. Here in the land of wooden shoes and windmills it is getting colder and colder.  Aside from the sight of lightly frozen ponds and lakes and a cold wind that chills the bones, we unfortunately have not seen any snow yet.

It would be lovely if we had a white Christmas, it has been ages. Here’s to just keeping the fingers crossed and hoping for it, I suppose.

Drunken Christmas Tree

funny-tree-meme-oh-christmas-tree-you-are-drunk-photoHere in the land of wooden shoes we actually have another winter festivity before Christmas. It is called Sinterklaas and there’s quite a lot of hysteria about it. But I don’t give a rats anus about that weird guy and his moldy horse. [Seriously, look it up. His horse is named Mold.]

Instead, on the 1st of December I figured it was time for my little drunken Christmas Tree to be pulled out of the bag in its usual hiding place.

I just love the Christmas lights and the decorations. I just don’t want to make too much of an effort. That’s why after the holiday seasons, my Christmas tree goes back into the bag in its hiding place, complete with its decorations and lights.

For now the little drunken Christmas Tree is standing proud for the 2nd time around in this house. The whole neighborhood is in the same holiday vibes. It’s quite contagious.


Grub & games night

There’s quite a pile of Christmas presents stacking underneath the tree already. Nothing too fancy. Just some nice little things for my little family, a few friends and I, to unwrap during our annual Christmas grub & games night.

We usually get together for a small Christmas dinner. Afterwards we play a board game like Monopoly, The Game Of Life, ore some other game you can play with multiple players. As long as they are games that tend to last long and are fun to do with the whole family. We pick certain game changing events as moments to be able for each player to grab a random gift without looking from under the tree. When there are no gifts left under the tree, we use those game changing events to open up a gift or give the gift to the person it is labeled for. The last option is more fun because then it is again.

It sounds a bit cheesy, perhaps. But we have lots of fun with it, so yeah. We hopefully get to do this Christmas munching & gaming night on the day before Christmas. Perhaps with a nice Christmas movie too, depending on how tired we are.

Church stuff

This year the 1st day of Christmas is on a Sunday. For my little family this means we will have a very hectic Christmas Event for the church. There’s so much we still have to prepare. Of course we have a song for the choir to sing. It’s going to be a nice funky warm simple gospel song this time. There’s also going to be a Christmas play, this time.

facebook-8e52b2It has been quite a weird time for the church band, though. Some band members and vocalists are on vacation during the holiday season. There are some  who have to work on Christmas. And then there are the few that decided to leave the band….

But it’s not all drama, though.

We have 2 new female singers in the church band now. We’ve been practicing since last weekend. One of them used to be a singer in previous bands, outgoing and has a really beautiful voice. The other one was a bit awkward and shy. Which is not a problem because I’m awkward as fudge too. But at times I could hardly hear her sing, though.

Together with the rest of the other vocalists we actually sound pretty nice, from what I’ve heard during practice. Looking forward to sing with them during the Christmas Service. It’s going to be nice. To God be the glory, yeah!

Visiting Granny for Christmas

file-name-cartoon-grandma-jpg-resolution-590-x-1201-pixel-image-z5drps-clipartOn the 2nd day of Christmas, my sibling, my dad and I will be visiting granny. The 2nd day of Christmas brings mixed emotions to us. It has been 9 years, since granddad passed away on the 2nd day of Christmas and he was buried on Old Years eve.

My granny has dementia. On a good day she knows who we are but there are days when she keeps on asking our names every 10 minutes. But she hasn’t forgotten about her husband and talks about him often. My grandparents were married for 65 years, so it’s no wonder that she still reminisces about him.

It will be nice spending the 2nd day of Christmas with her. I can’t wait to see her face when she unwraps her present.

Holiday Feels

Yup. I got the holiday feels. Really looking forward to Christmas! And to whatever it is 2017 has to offer. Are you getting into the holiday feels too? Below is a nice little thingy to close this endless random blog post and to warm you up for the holiday season.

Thanks for lurking and may The Lord Bless you and keep you during this wonderful season and the rest of your days to come.

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