Not this again

Sleepless nights on no end. Holy crap I am going nuts here. My doctor recommended me to try these sleeping pills for 2 weeks. The first day they worked a lil. But the rest of the days so far have been long and barely without sleep. 

I checked out some background info about the stuff that the doctor prescribed and it turns out they aren’t even real sleeping pills. They are to muscle relaxers!

The side effects that come with this crap are just to die for too! Mood swings, unable to focus and as a bonus to top it off: Insomnia! Wow, you’ve got to hand it to these pharmaceutical companies and the doctors that recommend their crap; they sure know how to fudge you over! 

What the fudge man.

I’ve made a new appointment with the doctor. To give report on this experiment with the “sleeping pills”. What a bunch of baloney! Darn it.​

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