URL change: insert nifty phrase

For those who follow this excuse of a blog since the beginning: I’ve decided to change the url. From now on you can find the site by typing insertniftyphrase.wordpress.com in your browser.

I’ve also considered purchasing the domain [so that would be insertniftphrase.com], but I might wait a little until the end of this year to do that. Maybe it’ll give me a push to post more frequent again, once I’ve put some money in this place. Maybe not. We’ll see. Who cares? I don’t really care…

I wanted to change the name and url of my corresponding Facebookpage too. But Facebook is making a big deal out of it. Apparently they find it misleading that I want the name and url of my Facebookpage to be the same as this blogsite. The Facebookpage is basically just a failed attempt of an extention to this blogsite anyways. But yeah… I don’t care. Tumblr’s much easier to use for this anyways.

Have a good one.

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