Winter in April

Hello lurkers,

How is you all doing this lovely day? I am just swell, enjoying the confusing weather here in the land of wooden shoes and windmills while swallowing down a glass of red wine. It is supposedly spring but the passed few days we’ve had rain with large hail stones coming down. And in some parts in the country they even had a little bit of snow.


Tomorrow the entire nation will celebrate the birthday of the king. We used to celebrate the birthday of his grandmother as a nation, which is actually only 4 days from now. But this new king wants everything his way and he wants people to celebrate HIS birthday and not that of his grandmother.

I’m not sure what to think of the royal family, really. Our taxes are rising to the roof. All the while the king and his spoiled family are making trips with their private plane or private yacht while living on WELFARE. I guess they want to buy a new fancy car for the king’s birthday this year too because taxes are going passed the roof now.

I liked his mother. She wasn’t too bad. I used to like the Dutch king. But I don’t anymore. And I guess the Dutch weather feels the same way, because it is literally going to RAIN HAIL on the king’s birthday. cbde650b9decb3b71040e46f6de8b79f

Maybe I’m just grumpy. The passed few days haven’t been too good on me. The huge special Sunday service with a famous Indonesian pastor was held in my small Indonesian church and it was a horrible rollercoaster filled with disaster. I might write about that disastrous ride in another blog entry, to prevent this one from getting too long.

Monday when some friends and I ordered take away at this Chinese Restaurant, the bastards ripped me off by putting prawn crackers in the box instead of roasted pork belly. I really wanted pork belly. It is so yummy.

Excuse me while I go hug a bottle of wine in the corner. Cheers…


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