Daniel Fast, Day 14

Hello lurkers,

I cannot believe it’s been 2 weeks since I started the Daniel Fast. Time is flying by so fast. This is my 14th day on the Daniel Fast trial and I have 7 days ahead to go.

I must admit that it hasn’t gone completely without bumps on the road during the last 14 days. From mistakenly eating certain things that I am not supposed to eat to facing the regular fights with my sibling on a half empty stomach. It is almost as if he is picking the fights now because I come across “weak” due to the fact that I do not eat. But he is mistaken, I feel strong and more focused during these 14 days of fasting I’ve gone through so far. God is giving me strength in these days and inspiration.

Here’s what I ate thus far today:

Breakfast: Mushroom soup

Lunch: Home made falafel and a cup of water

Dinner: Planning to make a home made pizza with cauliflower crust and a topping of tomato, spinach, olives, paprika and onions.

Droppie Bunny is becoming a real lap bunny. She is sitting on my lap right now while I type this out. I first put her on the couch like I always do but she got bored after a while. Thus I decided to put her on my lap and she seems to be more content now.

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It is time for her porridge. I better go.

Thank you for lurking

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