Daniel Fast, Day 13

Hello lurkers,

It is Friday night.

Here’s what I ate  and drank throughout this 13th day of Daniel fasting:

Breakfast: oatmeal with coconut milk and raspberries and a cup of boiled water

Lunch: Vegan Mushroom and Green Peas with a bottle of water

Dinner: Vegan Mushroom Soup and a bottle of water

Droppie Bunny has been on the couch for quite a while. She needed a manicure and she isn’t eating properly so I had to make her some porridge and fed her. I think it’s a dental problem again that makes her refuse to eat.

Unfortunately I discovered it too late and the vets are closed now. And in the weekend they are closed too. Hopefully Droppie Bunny will start eating by herself by tomorrow. And otherwise I’ll just keep feeding her with porridge until Monday and call the vet for a check-up.

My godchild had her show-and-tell today. I’ve written about how minimal my contact with her is these days in a previous blog entry. For those who don’t read my poor excuse of a blog that often; I don’t get to see her because, which basically means that all I can do is help her via phone or by sending her emails.

When she asked me to check out her Power Point Presentation, I helped spice up the stuff for her a bit by adding a few topics and pictures. It looked like a very spiffy Power Point when I was done with it. Today my godchild send me a message of how her show-and-tell went. She was graded a C [7,5] because the teacher was disappointed that there wasn’t a movie clip added to the show and tell.. Seriously?

c-plus-low-gpaWhen I was her age, kids made show-and-tell presentations with pen and paper and drew stuff on the chalkboard and maybe brought along some pictures from home. There were no movies, no Power Point Presentations back then that we as children had to resort to.

When I was her age, I had a show-and-tell about the heart and brought along an actual lamb heart to show around the classroom. It terrified the entire class but it gave me an A [10].

I actually felt insulted when my godchild told me her grade. I made half of that Power Point presentation so that basically means that teacher gave me a C too. That man is one big Shinoda-awful unicorn poo! Oh well. I guess a C is always better than an F…

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I’m tired already. I better lay down. God speed

Thank you for lurking

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