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Hello lurkers,

How is life treating you this Monday, the day after Valentines day? Here in the land of wooden shoes the weather is a little cloudy with some rays of the sun coming through.

My morning started early this Monday. Usually I tend to sleep in. Especially because Sundays are quite hectic and simply because I’m jobless. Sleeping in is probably not the best way to get rid of the jobless status… But uh… Yeh.

This morning I was abruptly woken up by the sound of something ticking on my roof window. When I opened my eyes I saw this brown dove standing on my window, staring straight at me. Since a few months now, 3 brown doves keep hanging out in our garden every day. I think they have a nest nearby or something. Maybe they have had their nest here for a few generations. Vaguely I remember when we moved in here in 6 months ago that I saw these same brown doves flying about.

Time sure flies by fast, doesn’t it? Wow. I cannot believe it’s been 6 months since we moved here. So much has changed for better and for worse since. So much that we thought we’d do here in the new house, but still haven’t been able to. Because of so many things that keep us preoccupied. So many  times we say there’s always tomorrow. Postponing and postponing while plans of tomorrows stay tomorrows. It really makes one think.

The bold critter just stood there, looking at me as it tapped its beak to the glass of the window. Then I remembered we bought bird seeds a while back. I guess the dove would like some of those right now. Why else is it tapping on my roof window this early, staring me straight in the face?

Another sound buzzes my attention. The sound of my phone. Time to get out of bed, so it seems. No sleeping in today. I guess I better feed Droppie Bunny. And before those birds start cracking window with the tapping, I guess I better feed them too, while I’m at it.

Have a good day. Don’t forget to checkout my Redbubble shop for fun prints on all sorts of awesome products and help feed a poor blogger! God speed.

Thank you for lurking

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