Hanging with the dad once again

Hello lurking lurkers!

Since my dad’s eye surgery, which took place on November 12th, I’ve been spending more time with my dad than I’ve ever done in the last decade or so. During weekdays I travel to his house to aid the old grumpy pirate while he recovers.

My dad has quite recently also moved to a new address. His new house is smaller than the one he had before. The grumpy old pirate could not help but complain about the size of his new whereabouts and the lack of furniture. And now with one eye lacking functionality due to it still in need to recover from surgery, he was even more bummed out.

So… While dad the grumpy old pirate is recovering he is also still trying to get settled in his new home.

To help him out, I’ve done some shopping for kitchen gear and furniture in the passed few weeks with help from his wife. And dad finally has an internet connection on his new address too. I had the honor to install his it for him yesterday.

My sibling and I also got him a cheap android tablet of an unknown brand to keep him entertained and give him the ability to make use of the Internet connection. He has never used a touchscreen device before. The grumpy old pirate isn’t sure what to think of it but at least he won’t be bored, exploring the new ‘alien device’ in the upcoming days.

To give the house a little more of a personal touch, I also made my dad some paintings. Unfortunately I just had canvas but no paint so I had to improvise. That’s why I used old coffee and tea to give the piece some color. I love reusing garbage in my art. It’s a rather simple piece but dad seems to like it…

Here’s the piece:


I’m not quite sure if I will leave it like this. I might try to look for some other natural ingredients to color it with. Maybe some green from grass. Or something else.

Tomorrow I will have to bring my dad to the hospital again, for a check-up on his recovery from the eye surgery. So far his recovery has been slow. Let’s hope it’ll improve more and more.

After the hospital trip I will go to Amsterdam to practice with the church band for Saturday’s pre-Christmas celebration. And I also have to practice for Sunday service.

Busy busy busy.
Busy like a bee.
Sometimes it drives me
a little bit crazy.


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