Hiya lurkers!

Today is October 21st, 2015 and it is exactly 30 years ago since Back To The Future 2 came out. This is the exact date when Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive with the Delorean. Well, according to the glorious 2nd movie of the Back To The Future Trilogy that is.

The fandom has gone bonkers worldwide. There are complete Festivals dedicated to this special date in movie history. The interwebs is oozing with social media, info media, Bloggers, Youtubers and other online dweebs making Back To The Future 2 references. Myself including in that category.

But who blames them? Back To The Future 2 was a brilliant movie in it’s time. It is one of my personal favorites. Almost anything slightly touched by Steven Spielberg is gold, and he did a great job on the Back To The Future Trilogy. He will always be my #1 hero as a movie director. Whether it’s admiration for  Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd and the cast who had to play several versions of their character, the make-up team. Then there’s the – back then – hi-tech special effects they used to make all if it as “realistic” as possible; In a time when computer generated special effects hardly existed.

Then there’s the predictions they made on what gadgets we’d enjoy in 2015. Some of them actually came true. Google Glass is one of those predictions. Most of the gadgets still need to be invented. But who cares if some of the futuristic gadgets they thought we’d have in 2015, are not invented yet? It looked funny at the time and it actually still does now.

Seriously though; Do we really need flying car? We surely already have planes and helicopters that will likely manage the flying-trick better than any car. Do we really need floating signs when a darned pop-up ad on our computer screens is annoying enough? What would we need a hover-board for? What about a holographic cinema or a Food Hydrator? Well actually, those last 3 would be pretty awesome.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the Back To The Future Trilogy, now is your chance! All sorts of cinemas are having Back To The Future Marathons. Even local TV stations are airing a marathon. And otherwise there’s always a way to watch it for free online.

There’s free short clips of the actual Back To The Future 2 movie to watch on Youtube.

There are also these awesome fan-made trailers of Back To The Future 4 to be found on Youtube and the likes. Now that would be great if there actually would come a 4th movie! Some have speculated for a while now that there will be a remake of the legendary movie series Back To The Future. But many fans feel that without Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd there simply is no way that a remake would be good enough to even be considered.

Obviously a lot of people will dress up like the “futuristic” characters from this movie during Halloween. But I say; why just for Halloween? Why not make a new fashion statement and gear up in Futuristic-Geeky 80’s-style, starting today!?

I myself will enjoy this nostalgic day by going offline and watching my personal collection of the 3 Back to the Future movies with my beloved Droppie Rabbit on my TV. Perfectly in 80’s style, on VHS. Cause ain’t nothing giving you that futuristic vibe in 2015, than watching your old classics on tape!

I wish you all a Back To The Future Day! And if you do happen to walk into Marty McFly and Doc Brown today, ask them if they have any concept of time.

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