October 4th: World Animal Day

Hello lurking lurkers,

How is life? It is a brand new day. Yesterday might have been quite a challenge. But you and I have made it to another day. Each new day is a blessing. A blessing to start anew, despite of what might have been. So yay for that!

HEILIGAVONDMAALToday is the 4th of October, the first Sunday of the month. Every first Sunday of each month my church has a Holy Communion with bread and wine, in remembrance of the Last Supper Jesus and His disciples had before He got crucified. It is an important tradition, to reflect on His sacrifice on the cross. He did this for us all, so that we who believe in Him may receive salvation. And thus we break bread and drink wine together on each 1st Sunday of the Month.

droppieAnd. Today it is also World Animal Day! One of my personal favorite days of the year, aside from Christmas. I love to spoil my rabbit a little more on this special day. BUT there’s one thing I have to devote my time too as wel today… Because today I have a responsibility to fulfill at my small Indonesian church as a worship leader. Which means I cannot spend all of my entire day to my sweet little bunny rabbit. Thankfully Droppie does not need a lot to be happy. All she needs is her favorite TV-Show, some nice comfy blankets, her favorite snacks and a back-rub. And some space to stretch her paws. I make sure of it that she will have all that each day, for as long as she lives. It’s Droppie Bunny Day every single day of the week around here!

Since it’s World Animal Day, I could not help but wonder what God would think of a day like this? He created heaven and earth and all that is within it and He loves all creation. But what does the Bible say about this?

In Genesis it is written that when God created the earth, He did this in a week. And on the 6th day of that week, He first created the animals and then Adam and Eve. The animals were created before the humans. And God told the humans to reign over creation, to take care of all creation.

There’s a story in Numbers 22 about a man and his donkey, which I personally enjoy a lot.


The rest of Balaam’s story can of course be read in the Bible. Feel free to do so: here. There aren’t that many verses in the Bible about animal rights. Most of them are about how to properly eat them. But, I’ve found one specific that suits today’s theme most.

Proverbs 12:10

A righteous person takes good care of his animals.

So God created heaven and earth. He created the animals and then created Adam and Eve. And He told them to take good care of the world and all its creatures. But then things got a lil messed up. Mankind misbehaved and we still tend to misbehave badly. But God so loved the world that He sent His son to redeem us from that misbehavior. Because He loves all creation, mankind and animals. All He wants from us, is to be good for His creations.

So I think God doesn’t mind us having a World Animal Day. I think, God would love us to be good to our animals every single day. Not just on the 4th of October. God loves you, me and He loves Droppie Bunny. And any other creature. Every single day of our lives. And beyond. Yay!

That’ll be all for today. I have to go and hype up a bunch of old folks in church now. Hug an animal today, be nice to someone today and be nice to yourself too. God bless you and keep you and give you peace.

Thank you for lurking!

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