Welcome back, Fort Minor

crying-rainbowHiya lurking lurkers!

How are you? Me? I’m crying rainbows.  See the gif on the right? I feel exactly like that. Yup. I iz crying rainbow tears of spazmic fangirl joy at this one moment right now. I am just that much overwhelmed with joyous feelings at this moment.


Oh dear. I do apologize for my teenaged jibberish. My fangirling heart is not able to contain itself. It is squealing like a happy lil’ pig. Because I’m that ecstatic at the moment. And of course I have to share my ecstatic state with the likes of you, my lurking lurkers. And what makes me fangirl? Well… Mike Shinoda began torturing his followers on social media for the passed few weeks. Teasing us all with little shards of hope of what a comeback to his alter ego: Fort Minor.

Fort Minor appeared on Twitter, on Instagram and you name the social media sites. Then an official fortminor.com appeared. Was it going to happen, finally after 10 long years of absence? Some feared it was just a joke. A sick twisted joke. Because Shinoda has been known to troll his fans before.

But thankfully he is not that big of an asshole. For if it were just a tease without an actual reward, then… Well, I would be mad like a squealing pig instead. And I’m sure a lot of FM fans think the same.

And then today this happened:

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