Funk-ay Saturday: 7 Golden Oldies that I can’t get enough of

Hello my lurking lurkers. How’s life?

Well, life’s been just fine here in the land of wooden shoes. Still having 3 seasons in a day; Mostly autumn-to-spring and a supposed hint of summer. I should actually be “working”, but here I am making another blog entry.

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While I’m working on whatever project, I enjoy listening to some music. Because music is fun. My taste in music is quite diverse, as I’d like to believe anyways. Feel free to check out my “Eclectic Audio Addiciton” playlist on Spotify and make your own conclusion about the diversity of music I have enlisted there:

Gosh, there is just so much wonderfully made music by so many great musicians! And from time to time, nice funky tunes from the old days can be a real treat to the ears. I’m not going to say that the music made today sucks. Because then I’ll just sound like my dad does when he is nagging about the good old days.

Although I do have to say; There’s just something so charmingly nifty about the music from back in the 50s and 60’s. I cannot get enough of their awesome sound. I really cannot get these songs out of my head. Really I cannot! And I do not want to, they are too awesome! And so here is a list of not 5  but 7 of my favorite Golden Oldies. And there are actually so many other wonderful songs I want to put on this list. But then this would probably become a very long list. And I don’t want that. Maybe for some other time. But not today.

Anyways… Enjoy and thank you for lurking 😉


Here’s a video of a young Dennis Quad, portraying the role of good ol’ Jerry Lee Lewis. The movie about the rise and fall of Jerry Lee Lewis was in my opinion Quad’s best performance ever. But this isn’t about the movie, this is about music.

Now Jerry Lee Lewis; This man could play some mayor ass whoopin’ piano in his day. Great Balls Of Fire is just one o’ those songs that can make ya want to get up and do the boogie woogie oogie.


It was hard to find a good video for this one on youtube. But I had to find one, so this one it’ll be. This guy was such a genius on the guitar, Jimi Hendrix played some mayor ass kicking guitar in his days. Gosh, I just love the guitar solo’s in it. It is one of those songs that just sticks on you. And so, without further ado, here’s; All Along The Watchtower.


Before there were boybands such as One Direction, Nsync, Backstreet Boys and the likes there was; The Commodores. And these guys sure had some funky tunes and wow, their vocal harmony was off the chain. And this song one specific song right here, I could listen to it all day long and not grow tired of it. Check out “Nightshift“.


Ofcourse good old young Micheal Jackson and his Jackson 5 need to be on this list too. Because they were just so good and little Michael Jackson was so gifted.


Even before The Commodores, there was The Temptations. These guys could actually sing! Theuy have made so many wonderful songs. And this is one of them: Aint To Proud To Beg.


This woman is my hero. There is nobody better than this strong and beautifu embodiment of girl power: Miss Tina Turner!


Cab Calloway, I think I’ve placed his Minnie The Moocher in another fave list. But this song, hot danget, I just looove it so much.

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