5 TV shows my rabbit enjoys to watch

Hiya lurking lurkers! Wazzap?

Animals enjoy entertainment just as much as we do. My sweet little fluffbal Droppie rabbit for instance, enjoys watching television. She even has preference to what kind of show she likes to watch. So here is a list of Droppie’s top 5 favorite shows.  She will actually sit down in front of the TV to watch these.


I kid you not. Droppie enjoys watching Seinfeld.

The show was quite popular back in the 90’s. But Droppie is 7 years old and was born in 2008. Thankfully for her, Comedy Central is the kind of channel that loves to air reruns of old sitcoms until the grieving end of times.

Why Droppie rabbit likes Seinfeld? Maybe it’s because of the fat balding George Costanza and the tall skinny Kramer with his ridiculous hairdo. They both make sudden weird movements and tend to yell a lot in the show.


Droppie Rabbit will drop everything she’s doing to be able to watch the first seasons of this show.

There is a lot of action , a lot of gore in the form of dead bodies being found in the most unthinkable situations. And the show has a lot of loud noises going on in it too.

Or maybe it’s the fact that you can see a lot of bones in the show? I don’t know. For some reason it always made me shudder a bit; My cute little fluffy rabbit enjoys watching shows wit brutally murdered victims in it.

But lately things have changed. Ever since characters Bones and Booth have gotten married with children, the show has become a bit of a bore. And Droppie agrees, because when the new episodes are on, Droppie turns around and prefers to throw with a brown paper bag instead.


Oh yes, Droppie rabbit loves watching South Park. This again is a show with a loud fat guy in it, that moves rather strangely.

What she likes about it? I’m assuming it’s because there is usually a lot of action going on in the show. There’s a lot of explosions and loud noises going on.

Then there’s Kenny dying all the time.  There’s Randy with his ridiculous escapades. And have I mentioned Cartman, the loud little fat kid with his outrageous personality?


It’s weird and kind of scary too, to know that cute little Droppie Rabbit is into shows containing homicide, violence, dead bodies and gore.

Whether it be CSI New York, CSI Miami, CSI Las Vegas, it doesn’t mather which version because Droppie enjoys watching them all. After following the show for 15 years, I do have to admit that I am glad to know that things are coming to an end. The exitement it used to have just isn’t there anymore. But that doesn’t bother Droppie one bit.

Although I do have to say that; The version with Ted Danson in it still triggers Droppie’s interest. The final showdown between the CSIs and the Gig Harbor Killer, played by that guy who used to star in Saved By the Bell sure is a treat for her to watch.


Yup, another  cartoon show. Another show with a fat guy. No wait, this show actually has two fat guys! And a loud baby with a weird shaped head. And then there’s Brian Griffin, the dog that speaks.

Another show with sometimes the most outragious and absurd situations going on and loud characters .

Do we see a pattern here? Droppie Rabbit likes watching loud fat characters.

She loves this show. If I turn the TV off while this is on, she starts throwing with her water bowl, her food bowl and she even took revenge out on the TV and chewed the cables. All for Family Guy, her all time favorite show.

And you know what one of my favorite shows is? Watching Droppie play with the most simplest things. From all the toys I bought for her, from stuffed animals to a colorful ball, she prefers to play with a brown paper bag. And it’s the cutest thing ever.

Well, that’ll be all for now my lurking lurkers. If you’ve enjoyed this random post and would like to see, feel free to check my previous posts in the menu on the right. Feel free to check out my random stuff on the black navigation bar in the top. And if you really really like my randomness, feel free to subscribe to my spamminglist.

Thank you for lurking

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