And then there was just one

RIP Mashimaro 😦

Last week, my dearest fluffy little friend Mashimaro died in my arms at the tender age of 7 years old. Right before her spirit left her little body, she kissed me one last time on my arm. It was quite an emotional experience. Every now and then, when I enter the living room and pass the empty spot where her cage used to stand, I swallow away a big lump of emotions. I miss her very much 😦

It’s so weird to not have a rabbit sitting there in that spot of the living room. Mashimaro’s grandfather had his cage on that spot, and so did her father and then Mashimaro. It almost makes you not want to put yet another cage there.

And today we arranged her cremation. The people at the Pet Cemetary were very kind and understanding. There was a woman there who helped us filling in some forms and this other guy who worked there offered us coffee and tea. They asked us about Mashimaro and what kind of animal she was. The moment I told them that Mashimaro was hand fed as a baby and that she died in my arms, they too had to wipe away a tear. Some people who work in this field, where they are faced with animal cruelty and deaths, tend to become a bit cold. But it is nice to know the people who helped us at the Pet Cemetary today were warm, kind and in touch with their feelings.

After the cremation I went home. Droppie was sitting under her blanket in her room, Mashimaro’s little sister is now the only flufball in the house. I was a bit worried about her too, because the moment Mashimaro died, Droppie wasn’t eating right anymore. But the vet says it’s nothing physical, she’s not sick. The poor little rabbit just misses her sister.

Now, there’s just one. My mom and sibling suggested to place Droppie’s cage in the spot where Mashimaro’s cage used to be. But I just don’t know. Maybe in time I will. For now,

Droppie is so kawaii :3

Droppie scared me this morning, by the way. She has her own TV in her bedroom, because she likes watching the Comedy Central channel. I kid you not, she really does! So I had turned on her TV for her this morning too, gave her some food and then prepared myself some coffee.

While I was in the kitchen, I could suddenly hear a loud bang coming from Droppie’s room. With my heart in my throat, I rushed over there and in the first glance I couldn’t see her anywhere. I looked in her cage, her hide-out box and under the blankets until I finally her the sound of her little feet behind me. She managed to find her way behind the fence where her TV. The little rugrat bit right through the TV cables. Luckely she didn’t get hurt or anything!But I guess this means no more TV for her, though…


She sure is a hand full, that one. Let’s hope she won’t scare me anymore like this in the near future. I really hope Droppie will live at least a few more years!

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