I’m just not that type o’ girl

Hi there my lurking lurkers. How is life? Here in the land of wooden shoes, the days have become a bit warmer. Good for a stroll around town with an unbuttoned jacket and sunglasses. Soon it’ll be the type o’ weather to ditch the jacket all together. Looking forward to that.

Monday I’ve spend 2nd day of Easter at the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague. The Military attaché of the Indonesian Embassy is originally from Manado and his task will be over in October. Which means he will have to return to Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the Manado churches here in the land of wooden shoes are anything but friends. A few years ago, they all used to be part of one big church. But then things got ugly because of reasons I don’t really understand or know enough about. All I know is that they’ve split up, that there are several Manado churches in Amsterdam alone that all used to belong to that one big church a few years ago. And, that they do come together whenever there are birthdays and other festivities but when it comes down to “being a church together”, they rather have their services in separate churches.

Before his task is over and before he has to return to Indonesia, the Indonesian Military attaché wanted to have one last big Easter Celebration with all these Manado churches located here in the land of wooden shoes. Better yet; he asked the Manado churches to set aside their differences and to collaborate for this one specific Easter Celebration. Because it saves him time to travel to all the different churches scattered around in the land of wooden shoes and because he hoped it would restore their bond.

And so on Monday about 300 people gathered at the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague.

There would be performances by several choirs after the service. I happened to be in three of these choirs, 2 choirs from my church and this other all-female choir I joined for I don’t know why. I prefer to sing with people that I have somewhat of a connection with and these women from the all-female choir just make me feel bleh.

Female guests were requested to attend the party dressed in traditional Indonesian clothing. I’m part Indonesian, but don’t look it. That’s because I’ve got black and white traits as well. The Indonesian traditional dresses are simply not made for my figure. I’m simply too busty and bootilicious for a traditional Indonesian kebaya with sarong.

One of the women from my church was so kind to lend me one of her old outfits, which kind of looks like the one in the picture displayed in the right. The colors are nice. But the twins had barely any room in it. And there was no use in buttoning up, because the buttons gape open and I basically looked semi-naked; Which isn’t really the look I’d like to sport during a church service.

The service was ok. Most of it was spoken in Bahasa Indonesia. There was a Dutch interpreter there too, but I was sitting all the way in the back and could barely hear her. I could barely see anything too, because there were these dirty glass windows that divided the back room from the front room, where the stage was located.

They have this phrase in Indonesia about Manado people that goes: “Manado people rather look like a million bucks, while starving from hunger”. A lot of them are quite superficial and find looks very important. I’m aware that this isn’t just a Manado trait and that there are superficial people all over the world, though. Pardon my french, but man were there some stuck-up bitches there!

While I was trying my best to keep my twins from escaping my borrowed kebaya, there were a lot of women there who strutted around in skimpier outfits. Walking around with this attitude as if they had just won the Miss Universe competition. Like those women from the all-female choir for example. Things got quite awkward in the dressing room when we were all fixing our outfits before the show. When they saw me struggling with my twins into the suit, they just looked at me with this weird look [I guess it’s hard to be flat chested too]. So, the rest of the day they basically avoided me like the plague.

It made me have flashbacks of the time when I was a 12-year-old going through puberty, with jealous classmates teasing me because I had cleavage while their bodies were still childlike…

The men on the other hand kept hanging around me like flies. Something I am not quite fond of. I’m just not that type o’ girl; to go around strutting with what God gave me to attract guys. I’m not looking for that kind of attention. Since when is it charming to say stuff like: “Hey there, I was looking for an ATM but thankfully I bumped into you.” Or the classic “Nice tits!”. And then there’s the creepy old guys who just stare at you…  **shudders**

I really wanted to just leave the party for what it was and go home. But I couldn’t leave, I had made a promise to my pastor that I’d sing in those choirs for that day. These were so NOT my kind of people. ot saying all of them were awful. There were some nice people from my own church there too. In the end, I did ended up smoking an entire pack of cigarettes within barely 4 hours, because I was feeling so out of place and uncomfortable there.

Then finally, the choirs had to perform. First the all-female choir. And then the choir of my church. The last one sounded mighty awesome. And after all that, I searched for a room to change my outfit. It felt liberating to put on my own jeans. I returned the borrowed kebaya and sarong and told the lady I unfortunately won’t be singing with their choir any longer. She was surprised. But one experience like this was enough for me.

Maybe it was because I wasn’t feeling comfortable in the clothes I had on. Maybe it was because I was surrounded with stuck up bitches. Maybe I’m just not that type o’ girl for these sort of social gatherings. All I know is: If I could redo 2nd day of Easter, I would’ve just stayed home and watch a bunch of movies about Jesus while having my rabbits on my lap, or something…

Next Sunday I am assigned to be worship leader again. And the day before we have a big birthday party for one of our pastors. I’m so looking forward to it… **ahum**

Have a wonderful day, lurking lurkers.

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