Pregnant battery and getting my paint on.

Wazzap my lurking lurkers??? What are you up to these days?

My smartphone’s battery was bloated and popped out of the casing last night! I think it got impregnated by the power socket in the hall. Or perhaps by my Asus laptop or by my Xbox 360. That battery is out of control, I tell ya! And it’s only been 6 months since the death of my original smartphone battery! I found this cheap replacement battery online. It had 400 mAh more capacity than the original. But now I have to keep the bloated battery in a cool box, just in case it might give birth with a bang…


Luckily I could buy another battery at a local Arabic phone shop. The guy even gave me a discount,  because he thought it was funny when I told him my Xbox 360 impregnated the battery. For safety reasons the store offered to adopt the pregnant battery.

Man… I hope my new battery won’t get pregnant. Best to keep it away from hot areas and not have it hooking up with other machines for too long.

Aside from getting a new battery for my smartphone, I also finally got my hands on some new canvases and paintbrushes. So I got my paint on, which resulted in these horrible creations:


Well… That will be all for now. Have yourself a wonderful day.

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