Sleeping off the flu

Wazzap my lurking friend?

How I’m doing you ask? How nice of you to ask! Well, I’m fine. Aside from having the flu for almost a week now. Last Sunday service I couldn’t stop coughing and made quite a good performance; by walking away from the microphone while almost choking in the ongoing coughing. Church members said I looked like a ghost. It was quite a show, it sure was. Upcoming Saturday I am going on a ski trip with a few church mates. I surely hope I’ll feel better by then.

This week I’ve spend most of my days in bed, either trying to sleep the flu off or watching animations. Mostly old Disney and some anime. Earlier this week I’ve watched Disney’s The Lion King 1, 2 and 1 1/2.

I watched this weird old animation by Richard Williams titled The Thief and The Cobbler. The film is apparently famous for its unique animation style and its long, troubled history: Williams worked for 28 years on the project. Some scenes of the animations in the “original cut” aren’t even fully finished. But when you look passed that, it’s actually a brilliant visual journey to watch. I somehow couldn’t help but wonder whether the creator was on something mind altering while making this. Tag the Cobbler is such an adorable character though.

And I’ve seen Studio Ghibli’s The Tale of Princess Kaguya. This lovely tale starts with an old bamboo cutter who finds a little girl in a bamboo tree. He is convinced that the little girl is a divine being brought to him from the heavens and he and his wife raise her as if she were their own. The anime is based on an old 10th century Japanese folktale. I love anything crafted by Studio Ghibli and this anime too is just a marvelous masterpiece. The entire anime was co-written and directed by Isao Takahata, who also made My Neighbors The Yamadas. Both of these anime are in a sketchy style, which I personally love. I just loved watching The Tale of Princess Kaguya. It even had me sobbing by the end, not sure whether this was the fever or because it really touched me.

Yesterday I watched this interesting anime titled Perfect Blue. Read some reviews that claimed this was quite a good watch, so I downloaded it. It’s a thriller about a girl who starts as a popstar in a girl group and decides to take a career switch and become an actress. And during her career switch she makes some “interesting” decisions that most mediocre wannabe-famous people do. One particular fan of hers isn’t too fond of the changes she is going through in the public eye. This guy used to just lurk around during concerts. But when the wannabe-actress enrolls herself into the sleazy part of the entertainment industry, the lurking fan decides to de-lurk and act out.

Today the Backtreet Boys documentary Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of was playing in several cinemas here in the land of wooden shoes. But I wasn’t able to get tickets for it. I’m kind of bummed about it, but I will just have to download it and watch the entire thing at home with Queen Mashimaro and Droppie on my lap. Which actually sounds like a much interesting setting, than having to sit amongst squealing 30-something-year-old potato ladies, who will probably scream during the entire movie…

And I know not all of the Backstreet Boys fans are like that. But during last year’s BSB concert I was shocked to see that some fans were still as insane as always. Maybe it’s something some people’ll never grow out of. Some BSB fans will just keep on acting like a potato twit during Backstreet Boys events… And honestly, during a concert the screaming and fighting is something I’ve gotten used to. But in a movie theater I rather not have that shit. So to prevent that, I will just download that movie and watch it whenever I like. Looking forward to sit in my own comfy home with my own fave snacks and my lovely rabbits while watching this BSB Movie. Yeah, that seems like a much better idea.

There are quite a few interesting movies coming out this year. I think will need to extend my subscription to the local movie theater.

Saw Jupiter Ascending last weekend with Mila Kunis. Thought it was a pretty descent fantasy/sci-fi movie filled with mind beautiful aliens, deceit, action, romance and a shirtless Channing Tatum. Without hoping to give spoilers: Mila Kunis is Jupiter, a normal girl East European who moved to America with her mother as baby. She cleans houses for a living along with her mother and aunt. Then she is attacked by aliens and gets rescued by Channing Tatum and more stuff happens. During the entire movie Jupiter gets dragged to several parts of a supposed superior world and is faced with her true identity. Would’ve loved to play a video game with a plot like this. I also would’ve liked to see a bit more of these “other worlds” Mila Kunis gets dragged on and off too during the movie, because all we get to see are the insides of space ships. But all in all it’s a pretty good movie.

Looking forward to Jurrasic Park, which’ll be coming to a movie theater during the summer. Then there’s movies that surprisingly caught my attention such as Seventh Son,  Divergent’s sequel: Insurgent. I am also very enthusiastic about upcoming movie Chappie, which will be in theaters here in the land of wooden shoes next week. The robot reminds me of good old Johnny 5 from Short Circuit & Short Circuit 2. Johnny 5 was my favorite robot in the 80s. As a kid I just wanted to have myself a Johnny 5 of my own. And now there’s Chappie, which looks kind of like the product of Duracell Bunny and Johnny 5 making a baby. Too cute.

Well… I don’t have much else to ramble left and should really get some shut eye. Tomorrow I am going to try and find some snow boots and a more proper jacket for that ski trip.

Have yourself a wonderful day, my lurking friend.

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