Guess where I was last night? Linkin Park live in Amsterdam!!

Why hello there lurking my friends!

How have you been? I have been spending my Friday as a hobo to see Linkin Park live on stage @ the Ziggodome in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

And it was totally worth it! It’s a night to remember forever and ever! And even though I am way too tired to go into further details about this beyond nifty awesome event that surpasses all niftiness, I just have to share this with my lurking friends and everybody else willing to read about it.

Let’s just say that my respect for Linkin Park has only grown since last night’s live show in Amsterdam. By God, I am in awe 😀ak17vdf6yome278sql

They are totally worth sleeping 8 hours outside on the rainy pavement for 😉 Yep, I had prepped a survivor kit with an old sleeping bag, raisin buns and loads of red bull and “slept” on the streets… You may think I’m a nut, which I obviously am. But the truth is I wasn’t the only one willing to be a hobo for a day. There were these girls who came from the southern part of the land of wooden shoes, who had been sleeping infront of the Ziggodome since 6 in the morning. Some others came from Denmark, also very early. Then there were these guys and gals from Poland who had been sleeping on the streets in front of the venue for 14 hours. All for the honor to see Linkin Park live on stage.

And then there were these other lucky bastards waiting very early too. Lucky bastards, who managed to stretch their wallets a little more, to purchase LPU Summit Tickets. Those lucky bastards got the chance to enter the venue earlier and hang out with the band and it’s crew. Lucky bastards they are. Must’ve been a mighty awesome experience.

But spending my Friday as a hobo was quite the experience as well. It was interesting to meet some of the other fans and hear their stories. And to see how diverse the fans actually are. The LP fan base is as diverse as Linkin Park, I guess.

The waiting eventually paid off. As soon as the gates opened I skipped (yep, I didn’t even run, I just skipped) my way towards the concert hall and I managed to stand FRONT ROW during the entire show. Well, not entirely front… There was just one big guy standing between me and the barricade. But that guy had LPU Summit tickets so he deserved to be there in front of me. I wasn’t complaining, not even when this big guy decided to take up a little more space…. (Those Summit tickets are quite expensive..) Besides, I was already glad to be this close to the stage.

But then the lights went off. And as soon as supporting act Of Mice And Men came on stage and thanks to the mosh-pits that erupted from behind me, I luckily yet accidentally got shoved passed the guy and got pressed against the barricades. That’s when I could literally inspect the entire stage with a clear view. I could literally see the insides of Austin Carlisle’s nostrils.

A few weeks ahead of the show I tried to prepare myself for Of Mice And Men a bit. I mean I was definately going to see Linkin Park, even the opening act would suck monkey balls. But I’ve got to say, from what I had heard of Of Mice And Man thus far sounded quite nifty. And live…? Well live, I must say that these guys are quite impressive.


Funny moment as a hobo on Friday:

There were these fangirls outside sleeping on the streets with me. And these girls were lucky enough to bump into one of the guys Of Mice And Men. I didn’t even recognize him until the girls started to squeal his name and ran up to him for a selfie. Seemed like a nice fellow, whatever his name was. As soon as he left, the girls couldn’t stop crying about their encounter with their favorite rock star.

I felt sorry for the girls, they were probably about 16 years old. I remember saying to this older lady next to me “I’m so glad I’m not a teenager anymore…” 🙄

But then, Linkin Park came on stage. And that’s when I saw how ridiculously gorgeous Mike Shinoda actually is in person. And for some reason, I couldn’t help but scream like a 16-year-old girl.

It was quite embarrassing… 😳

I tried to get myself together and toughened up, though. Promised myself to stay cool during the rest of the concert. Cause no way was I going to act like I would act during a Backstreet Boys concert. 😛

Which was quite hard, I tell you. Quite the task it was; to remain calm and cool.

My God, did the guys play an exciting and awesome setlist. Mixing new and old tracks throughout the entire show. Kickstarting the show with the raw sounds of Guilty All The Same and eventhough Rakim sounds like a boss in that track, Mike Shinoda was spitting out the rhymes in Rakim’s place even more than a boss 😀 They played a lot of my personal faves, such as Given Up and classics like Points of Authority, One Step Closer to then go from Blackout into Papercut. I think something went a lil bit off during those tracks there with the guitars, something sounded a tad off anyway. I don’t think that many people in the crowd noticed, though. That’s the charm of playing everything live, almost none-stop.

They also played Rebellion, Wastelands and Castle of Glass. After that Joe had a solo moment, followed by Mike Shinoda’s solo medley of Wretches And Kings/Remember The Name. The rest of the band joined him again, to play the remix intro of Numb. Seemingly ending it all up with Faint to then play the epicness that is In The End.

The Hunting Party Tour is a frickin’ rollercoaster ride that seizes the crowd with excitement and never ceases to amaze. It was a night of fists pumping in the air, headbanging, sweaty bodies jumping up against each other in mosh pits, crying teenaged girls and fainting teenaged girls. It was an oh so awesome night. And then the awesomeness seemingly ended, as the band left the stage and the lights went on for a moment. Of course that’s when the crowd started chanting the famous phrase: “We want more”.

Damn… This sure is a nice angle 😉

Not soon after did the lights go off again, only to have the band give into to the encore request. Serving the ecstatic crowd of fans with not 1, not 2 but 6 more of their stupendously brilliant tracks; Lost In The Echo, New Divide, Crawling, Until It’s Gone, What I’ve Done. And then Mike stepped up and announced that he wanted to do something special, because they had a Summit earlier that day. And he said that when he had asked the fans during the Summit what songs they’d like to hear, they all basically asked for one specific song. And that’s when he bursted out into Reading My Eyes, which then went into an amazing drum solo, followed by the sensational Catalyst to then blend into the marvelously phenomena that is Bleed It Out.

Gosh, they played so many brilliant songs, I believe about 30 songs in total with a few medleys here and there. What I liked about their show is how energized it was and I love how Mike and Chester both connect with the crowd.

And I was there! FRONT ROW! I was in awe by Rob Bourdon’s spectacular drum skills, always have been. But again, now I could see it live from this close and it has definitely inspired me to drag my dusty old drum pad out of the shed… But seeing it from this close just amazed me even more. Brad’s guitar skills were mighty awesome to see live too, unfortunately he didn’t move around as much the others. Dave Farrell did though. I’m a sucker for bass, he played his cool bass lines just fine that night. With his current hairdo he somehow reminds me of this 6-year-old that lives across the streets from me. He seemed grumpy during the show, but every now and then you could see a grin appear, as thousands of fans were screaming along to their music.

Whenever Chester banged his head, the sweat from his brow literally splattered in my face a few times. That guy is like energizer bunny! He sounded amazing, while running to every corner of the stage to make sure every fan in the packed Ziggodome would get a glimpse of him. I didn’t get to see Joe Hahn that well though, he was hidden on the other part of the stage. His solo DJ set was awesome though.

ak17vdf6yome278sqlcheAnd then there’s Mike. Yes, magic Mike :grin:. My God, he is not only drop dead gorgeous in real life but the man can do anything. He runs back and forth from his keyboards and synthesizers to the front of the stage with a guitar, singing and rapping like a whirlwind. I have to wonder; does this man have ADHD? Same question counts for Chester. Much-o respect for them, though. For they are sooo much-o awesome-o.

What made this show even more than awesome was the crowd. The entire packed venue of Ziggodome was filled with thousands of the most diverse bunch of people; From 16-year-old preppies to the long bearded ZZtop look-a-likes, loud loud mouthed beer dunking Dutch hooligans to emos to laid back pot smoking hiphoppers, men and women in suits, 50+ year-olds and anything in between. And that entire crowd sang along as one throat to every single song during the show.

Goodness, the concert was just too awesome for words. I can’t believe it is over.

Oh and you knowtumblr_lvhuuq55N71qhoyau what else made the concert totally awesome? At the end of the show all the band members came to the front of the stage. Rob Bourdon threw his drumsticks in the crowd, of which one of them almost hit me in the eye. I didn’t catch the drumstick though, the big LPU fan-guy did. And then Chester Bennington reached out his hand in the crowd and I managed to touch his hand and Mike Shinoda even blew kisses at me! (I am still astonished about that moment).

*sighs* I am sooooooooo happy right now.

Well now, I have my own event to prepare for. Tomorrow I have a to lead a church into worship. Despite the fact that I’ve spend half a day in the cold and had been screaming my lungs out during the concert, my throat doesn’t feel sore and I have faith that tomorrow God will take control. But I think I could use some more shut eye….

So I will now leave you, with some snapshots from last night. None of these fabulous photos were made by me. Unfortunately, my phone decided to play dead during the concert. But thank God for press photographers, they are way better in the skill of snapping pictures in the right moment anyways.

Have a blessed day my lurking friends.

12 thoughts on “Guess where I was last night? Linkin Park live in Amsterdam!!

  1. Hello ! I’m going to see LP live in a few days. Am 100% excited for it! Thanks for sharing so detailed what the show was like. I assume the show I go to will be the same.

    Rock on!!

  2. I love Amsterdam and I love Linkin Park. But I had to work, so couldn’t go to the show. Thanks for sharing your experience so vividly! I don’t think I would have slept outside for that long though and would have purchased those Summit Tickets instead.

  3. Hey! I was @ the show 2 in Amsterdam. But I had seat tickets, so I came 2 the venue bout 4pm. But I was smart, took binoculars wit me. I too screeched like a bitch when I saw Robby on the drums, he so hottttttt.

    U guys are nuts to sleep in front of Ziggodome like that. But 2 awesome that u got2b that close 2 da stage. Wasn’t LP totally awesome!?

    Im going again 2 c the band again in Paris Nov 16, cant wait!!!

      1. Hey, how come I can’t see ur other stuff on FB? I dun have WP. Signed up 2 ur feed with FB, but never get updates. Now I saw ur update and got here… I missed reading ur crazy crap!!

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