No thanks

For some reason, when you reach a certain age and still aren’t married with children, people think you need help. May it be mental help or help finding a mate. Especially old Asian aunties tend to rub it in your face that there are people younger than you with a partner and a second child on the way. Though white and black relatives can be just as helpful… Hooray for being tri-racial.

My poor mother melts whenever she sees a young couple with a baby. ‘When will you grant me a grandchild?’ She asks me then. ‘It’s going to be a long long wait, mom’ I’d say then. And then she’d mention all the single guys she knows. From the one armed bandit to old man Joe. And then she nags about it to anyone willing to hear, even in church.

So… Now I’ve got all these men in church asking me if I want to go out with them. Some have been giving me presents and are being overly nice to my mom. It’s annoying. Not half as annoying as walking down the street, being hollered by random guys simply because you’re female (Check the thingy I reblogged)… It somehow gets on your nerves, when all you want to do is attend a nice Sunday service and have all these single men from all ages gawking you up and down… And I know, I know. I should see it as a compliment, right? But I can’t help but feel creeped out and awkward. They’re nice guys to just be friends with. But to say they are the type I’d want to grow old and grey, to be stuffed with a kid by? Blegh, no thanks.

But there’s no pressure at all. Nope. No pressure at all. I think if I would accidentally get knocked up by some random guy I met at a rock concert, my mom would thank the heavens. I seriously think she would. Fortunately such a thing will never happen, since I’ve got principles…

Unless of course a specific adorable guy from this awesome band that I am going to see live in less than a week would offer me a ride on his bicycle. I wouldn’t mind that at all. But that’s never going to happen, so…

77e4faf81176cd2a4629b5a28b7c85b9There is a part of me that is actually starting to wonder what it would be like: to have a child of my own and maybe a guy to raise the child with…  Yeah, my best friend has an awesome kid who considers me her second mom for some reason. People used to think she was my kid whenever I’m out with my friend and the lil one. Mainly because the kid and I both are colored and my best friend is white. People are funny like that. And I love the kid. Yet I’m somehow always happy to go home without having the kid around me every single day of the year.

I guess in the end, I just don’t think it would be a good idea for me to have a kid of my own… I’ll just stick to my rabbits.

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2 thoughts on “No thanks

  1. I wear black all the time. Black nails, black hair, black make up. Thick eyeliner. Guys think I look spooky in school. But when I go outside sometimes those creeps go “psssst pssst pssst”. I hate that too. Wish they would die!! haha

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