Strong Bad ft Coach Z – Fish Eye Lens

947e7bef6ad1a7d25de51c232fecca52Hello my lurking friends, how have you been??

I for one have been a busy bee. But today I am as happy as a nerd can be. The world can spin backwards for all I care, I am crying tears of rainbows! Because I woke up this late afternoon after a well deserved coma of 9 hours, logged into my social media accounts like any given lonesome internet junkie and stumbled upon the wonderful notification of the highly anticipated return from the one, the only, the magnificent, the one with the funny puns, the one who sleeps with boxing gloves on: Strong Bad.

FINALLY, Strong Bad is back. And he comes with a brilliant new track. Which is highly needed because “The peorple have been scrapping dope rhymes off he kitchen floor, just to survive” for far too long.

I hope this new track also means that Homestar Runner’s entire website will be revamped, or at least that we will have more goofy brilliance from Strong Bad in the future. I’m surely up for it.

Strong Bad finally has a twitter account as well.

Anwayz… Here’s the video:


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