Insomnia strikes again…


The passed month has been quite the challenge. Eventhough I don’t have a real job at the moment; I had been running around to prepare for my church’s first international activity AND the regular preparations for the Sunday services.

The international Church event took place last Saturday. And it was beyond awesome! We had gathered Iranians, Indonesians, Iraqi, Dutch and believers of other cultures to support our persecuted brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq. To share testimonies, sing praise songs together, to pray together and to comfort one another. We had pastors from the Iranian churches, Indonesian churches and Dutch churches to inspire us with God’s Word and to lead is in prayer. That day, we were actually united as one people under God.

We heard heart breaking testimonies from our Iranian and Iraqi brothers and sisters. Reminding us, who grew up in the west, how privileged we are; to be able to go to church without the fear of persecution. It was heart warming to see how people from different backgrounds prayed together and encouraged one another. Despite denomination. Despite race or culture. In the end we are all children of One Father.

The money we collected during the service are donated to the Iraqi brothers and sisters. Symbolically, we gave it to an Iraqi evangelist who travels back and forth to Iraq, risking his own life to support his Iraqi brothers and sisters. And after the service, we had a nice buffet of Iranian, Indonesian and Afghan authentic meals that blended amazingly well together too.

I hope that we will have more of these interracial church events in the future. What the world needs now more than ever, is love.

I might have slept hardly 3 hours a day the passed month to help preparing this event. But I wouldn’t want to have missed it for anything in the world. A lot of people were touched, motivated, inspired and blessed during that day. God makes the impossible possible.

God is good.


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