Linkin Park is coming to Amsterdam!

This sure is a fun year for concerts! Backstreet Boys were in Amsterdam in Spring (March 30th, 2014), Papa Roach have a show in Utrecht in Summer (August 28th, 2014) and Linkin Park will play in Amsterdam in Autumn (November 7th, 2014). Now if only Eminem would come to the land of wooden shoes too this year, that would be AWESOME! Then my wishlist is complete, when it comes to seeing my favorite people live on stage, in one single year 🙂

I was so psyched when I read the announcement on Facebook; Linkin Park is coming to Amsterdam! So I logged into the ticketmaster site, in the hopes to be able to get myself a decent front row ticket. But the site was SOOO busy I was put on hold for 30 minutes. And the moment I was finally able to look through the tickets; all the good ones were sold out.

But I’m not giving up hope. There are Ticket Scammers out there, who buy concert tickets in a bulk and resell the tickets for twice sometimes trice the price. They want to put a stop to it, but the ticket scamming has been going on for decades…

And then there’s the chance of people not being able to go to the concert anymore, because of whatever issue and put their ticket on sale right before the concert date. So there’s still hope…

I want to see those guys live soooo bad it hurts.


3 thoughts on “Linkin Park is coming to Amsterdam!

  1. hey there and thank you for rubbing it in the faces of the American fans that Linkin Park toured Europe and can’t tour here because of Chester having a boobo. For reals, that man is always sick, hurting and breaking body parts!! UGH!!

    Anwyway. You are funny. I’m adding this RSS to my email and look out for a lot more of your respective
    intriguing content. Make sure you update this again very soon!!

  2. Wonderful! I bought tickets to see them here in the States. It’s a bitch getting my money back.
    Oh well. Hope Chazzy is getting better soon.

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