Pardon me… My brain needs to fart.

2 Year Anniversary?

How interesting: WordPress congratulated me this morning, for this blog of brainfarts of mine was created 2 years ago. In other words; It’s my blogs 2 year anniversary! Yay!

I really have nothing special to say about the matter, though… To be honest, I’m kind of bummed out.


I got hired and fired again.

bad-job-interviewYep. I managed to find myself a job somewhere in a little village in the middle of nowhere. The good part was that I got to work with an old friend. Which was nice. My job was to investigate data on certain effects of medications. I was hired to do this in a team of highly educated co-workers. This team was lead by a guy who smelled like pot and beer and I think he lived in his car or something. Aside from that, it was a team of nice guys and we got along just fine. What sucked, was that the company had installed an airconditioning system that for some reason was set to simulate the Arctic weather. Even when it was cold outside, at the office it was always colder. So, I was investigating data about medications, hearing the mumblings of a drunken stoner on the background and trying my best not to freeze to death.

Then one morning, for some unknown reason, I felt really REALLY sick. Assuming it was just the flu, I ignored it at first and continued to work hard at the office with the simulated Arctic weather. Which made it worse. I had a fever. I coughed like a dog. Bright lights and noise were like hammer to my disfunctioning brain. I was sweating like a pig and was as pale as a white person. I looked horrible, my team even noticed this. “If you’re sick, you should stay home and rest.” one of the guys even said. And so I called in sick from work the next day. And guess what? That’s when I got fired. The company gave me some lame excuse, that it had nothing to do with me being sick but that they felt like I wasn’t fitting well with the team.

Yeah, it’s the story of my life.


Crapflop died

My crapflop died on me this weekend while I was working on my rhyming story and some new poetry. And I was SO smart to NOT make any back-ups… *sigh*

It’s not the end of the world. I can still use my smartphone to update my blog with, write poetry with.

And, thanks to peer-to-peer communities like KickAssTorrentz and the likes, I’ve been able to upgrade my old Pentium4 with Windows 7. I was sceptic at first about upgrading the old computer from the stone age, but I’m glad I have. It’s actually a lot faster and old problems I had when I still had Windows XP seem to be of no issue at all now.

Now that crapflop is dead, I do want to look for an alternative computer. I shouldn’t feel bummed out at all. I should be geekily pleased with the fact that I now have an excuse to tinker with laptop components and maybe even craft my own plastic box. Just take a look at this killer machine right here:


And so…

It is time for me to stop writing my incoherent ramblings down in this post of the day. I will leave you with the result of this quiz I took a second ago. Feel free to take the quiz too, maybe even share your own result.

Hopefully by the time I post my next blog entry, I will share something more sufficient to your need of entertainment…

I say good day.

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