500 posts?

It appears that I made 500 blog entries so far. Yay. How lovely. 🙂

Post 500 was actually a poem about my sleep deprived night. I am still not able to sleep so I might as well ramble some more in post number 501.

What’s that, my lurking friend? Are you wondering why I cannot seem to just shut my eyes and snore at this onholy hour? (It is passed midnight here). Good question lurking one. I have been asking myself the same question.

All sorts of questions are going through my head right now. They always do.

Why is the bird the word? Did you know the bird is the word? Have you heard? It’s absurd…


Why does that car alarm from across the street sound like a hovering UFO? Is it a UFO or is my mind so deluted due to lack of sleep that I start hearing things?

Why was my gay neighbor showering with the door open earlier today? As in: His front door was wide open and his bathroom door too and you could see his skinny white ass under the shower.. And when he saw my dumbfounded face, he smirked..
What in the world was that about? This girl is confused o.O

Why does Droppie rabbit enjoy watching It’s Always Sunny In Philedelphia?  I think it is cool that my fluffy little substitute kiddo enjoys watching tv. That’s why she has her own tv. Yes. But wtf is so great about It’s Always Sunny In Philedelphia? My sibling loves that show too, but my sibling don’t live here. And I like Danny Devito, but that show is… awkward to sit through without the use of mind altering substances. Is there something in Droppie’s food, making her willing to watch that show? I could change the channel. I tried. It made her grumpy. Grumpy rabbit…


Why do I feel like squeeling like a teenager whenever Mike Shinoda adjusts his Spotify playlist? 60% of that Sorting Through playlist of his isn’t my cup of Bloedwijn. And why don’t he rap in that new Linkin Park track?

Why did I drank all of my Bloedwijn this Friday night? And why does this God forsaken town have no 24/7 stores that sell my Bloedwijn? That stuff is healthy man! And it makes the bowels have a party. Which is great in my case because my bowels tend to be stuck in a traffic jam…

When Obama comes to the land of wooden shoes and tulips, and he visits Amsterdam…  Would he check out the sex museum, the red light district and the coffeeshops, like all the regular tourists?

Why can I not stop watching this gross video?

What is the use of all these weird ass questions? Well lurking friend.. I honest to God do not have the slightest clue. I suppose it is time for me to stop asking more silly questions. Traffic jam is shifting..

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One thought on “500 posts?

  1. Congrats! You have a lovely blog. Do not get discouraged and continue posting. Onto another 500 posts!!

    thumps up

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