Spring has sprung, washing bunny buns..

springfishIt’s another Friday. It’s sunny and nice outside. Very nice indeed. How lovely it is. Spring has sprung.

I just love how we here in the land of wooden shoes and tulips decided to just skip the cold snowy winter days altogether. Yep. We just had ourselves an extended autumn season instead, fusing into spring.

Yes, it’s a very nice change of climate indeed. Birds  eggs are hatching, flowers are blooming and there’s kids causing mayhem in the streets. Oh yes, how lovely this day of spring is.

Makes me wonder what kind of summer we will have, though. Or will we just have ourselves an extended spring fusing into autumn? Not complaining here, just wondering…

The nagging hippie in me can’t help but think though: “If the climate has changed so much over here, it’s probably because of all the abuse done by us humans polluting the earth!” But the blood wine makes me go: “Ah whatever, it’s nice!”

You know what isn’t nice? My stomach aches. That, and being bored as frack… I don’t have plans to go outside because of the stomach aches. Aside for some fast grocery shopping and some smokes on the balcony, I think I’ll just stay in the house today…

Luckily I have my fur shedding rabbits to keep me entertained. Because yes, they too are feeling spring in their beings.

I’m the bunny lady. I’m their mommy, they’re my babies…

mashi1Every morning when I wake up, Mashimaro the ever-attention-craving rabbit greats me by jumping up and down and then standing on her hind legs. As if she hadn’t seen me for ages. It’s the cutest thing ever *melts*. Of course it’s her way of asking for chow and to be cuddled and carried around like a baby. Which is a win-win situation, really: She gets to be dragged around the house and she can serve as a heat jar for my aching stomach.

Yes, she is spoiled rotten. But she isn’t the only one who needs attention in this household. Mashimaro had to wait a little.

I don’t have any kids of my own, but I still have to wipe a little butt.

drollie2For it was that time of the month again. Time to bathe Droppie the chubby bunny again. Mashimaro doesn’t need help washing up anymore, thankfully.

The vet advised us to try feeding Droppie more veggies. Mashimaro likes to eat all sorts of veggies. But Droppie rather eats bread, the dry rabbit food from the petshop and lots of hay. She refuses to eat veggies, stubborn little thing. I could force it on her and shove those letuce leaves in her throat… But both of the bunnies are getting a bit older; 6 years old. Which is about 60 years old in human years. Age generally comes with ailments. I don’t want to torture the old bunny baby to eat veggies. I also think Droppie has grown used to the fact that I wipe her behind for her… So why bother doing it herself then, right?

She’s now making herself comfortable on the couch, watching the National Geographic channel.  Normally Droppie is more of a Comedy Central viewer, but I guess she too got fed up with all the friggin re-runs…

I believe it’s cuddle time

mashi2 It sure looks mighty comfy on that couch with Droppie. If you’ll excuse me, my stomach hurts like heck and I have a date with a remote control and my living heat jar – I mean Mashimaro.

I’ll leave you with an adorable old short animation to keep us all vibe of spring. Anyone remember this big ol’ fella? He is too cute!

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