Back to Life (Music Video) – Hillsong Young & Free

I like all types of music. But above all the music out there, I must admit that my soul longs for Christian tunes the most. Words cannot express how uplifting it is for the spirit to just sit back while having some worship tunes playing out loud throughout the house.

Sometimes it’s nice to spin some Christian tunes with a thicker beat, something to dance to. Sure, I can turn to Toby Mac or NewsBoys for that (to name a few). But there’s so much more funky Christian music out there these days.

Quite recently I’ve discovered these awesome modern funky tracks by Hillsong Young & Free. They sound a bit like whatever you’d hear in the mainstream top 40 playlists these days, but then with a Christian coating.

Some church people think it’s wrong to make modern Christian music. Praising God should be done gracefully, with honor and respect. Bouncing  to club-like tracks in church is a no-go. So I’ve heard some say, anyway.

Life is a party, we should celebrate whenever we have the chance to. And at some parties, dancing just makes it more like a celebration. Besides; Didn’t David sing and dance for the Lord in his underwear or something?


When I was in my tweens about a decade ago, I remember how young and fresh it felt to sing allong to songs by uplifting and powerful praise and worship songs by Hillsong United during Youth services in church. And I for one think it’s great that the Hillsong movement keeps on reinventing itself, reaching out to the teens and tweens of this decade by making modern praise and worship tunes.

Any type of music can be Christian, it’s not the style but the content. Christian music doesn’t have to be boring. And this Hillsong Young & Free video clip sure proves that once again.

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