What to think of Linkin Park’s Recharged?

UntitledWhen I was checking my Wall on Facebook (FYI: I use pirate english for Facebook)  the other day and read that the band with my other favorite rapper was going to release a new album on the 25th of October in The Netherlands (4 days before the global release date), I was a little confused. Of course I was excited, curious even. But above all, I was confused.

And then later on, once I finally managed to fill my heart drive with some “new crack“, I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow when I heard the Recharged album and realized that the new crack is actually “another experimental” remix album.  Recharged is what Reanimation, was to the good old Hybrid Theory album. And I was still quite excited, for I really enjoy remixes in general. Because I loved  and still love Reanimation!

Recharged offers remixes of all the songs from Living Things with contributions from artists such as Pusha T, Datsik, KillSonik, Bun B, Money Mark, Rick Rubin, and others. I love how Linkin Park can rip their songs into bits and how they reconstruct those songs into something else. So with all of these hyper and enthusiastic feelings, I hit the play button… And well… My discovery is that Recharged sure is… Something, I guess?

And I’m really asking myself what my problem is. Really. I just don’t get it!

The passed few years it is like everybody’s gone “electro”. Which isn’t a bad thing, perse. During random late night dance events I do not mind high energized ADD-like spazzmic beats with thick basslines at all… And it’s not like Linkin Park never experimented with “electro” before. Honestly here, I am really trying not to nag about the fact that the guys have changed so much. Because I don’t mind change and think change is good. Yet somehow I… It just kind of… Is it me or does Recharged kind of feels like an attempt for the band to… Uhm… Attract numb clubheads? Not sure if that’s their actual aim or if it’s just an experiment for the sake of fun and the sake of reinventing themselves as the creative beings they are? They do like to experiment a lot… Which is fine, really. It’s brave even. Sometimes magical stuff comes from it. I’m afraid I don’t really feel the magic right now, though…

In general, I tend to listen to all sorts of music. My spotify playlist on the right of this blog shows just how diverse my taste in music is. Living in a country where the best DJ’s are born and raised (DJ Tiesto, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren), I do not mind loud club music at all. I actually enjoyed some of the remixes during last year’s Indaba Remix contest for instance.

And yet…. I only like 3, maybe 4 tracks of Linkin Park’s entire remix album. Yeah sure, the Steve Aoki collaboration had me more than excited. And apart from that song I guess my ears are more drawn to tracks like… I’ll Be Gone with Pusha T (because Pusha T is awesome plus Mike Shinoda sure throws some decent rap verses in there..)  and the Rick Rubin variation of A Light That Never Comes (sure made me wanna bounce).

Somehow I still cannot help but feel confused about the Recharged album. So far, the “new crack” hasn’t really done much for me. I guess the remixes still have to grow on me or something? Or maybe I actually have to go and use some real mind altering substances to get into the vibe. (Where’s my friggin blood wine!?!?)

I love the band and I root for any experimental adventure they find their pleasures in. Eventually Recharged will grow on me, just like all their other experiments have grown on me before. Stuff that I didn’t like back in the 90’s now sound quite funky because they remind me of certain memories. Maybe that’s what the remixed version of Living Things will do to me in a few years later as well? Maybe in a few years from now, I will look back at the year 2013 and think of how I was waiting in suspense for the return of Backstreet Boys and Eminem and will go “oh yeah and Linkin Park went techno, how interesting”. Or maybe it’ll happen sooner for me. Like, maybe when I play the Recharged album on the background while playing a video game my acceptance for their these remixes will get better? Maybe after I’ve finished a second bottle of blood wine and replay the stuff over and over again I’ll get rid of my confusion…? Maybe then I’ll feel it?

For now I just don’t now what to think of it all. For now I will just squeal like the little black pig I am to the only remix on the album that I fancy and wait with anticipation for their next studio album (which will probably take another 2 years to make?)..

3 thoughts on “What to think of Linkin Park’s Recharged?

  1. This remix CD wasn’t that good. You shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t like it. I hate it too.
    LP shouldn’t rape their music like this!

  2. Magnificent beats, I love ReCharged album and I love LP forever and ever and ever ! ! !

    You write like a pro btw. I would like to apprentice while you amend your website, how can i subscribe for a blog site?

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