Blackface is Standard Costume for Sinterklaas in Holland

In a few weeks from now, we in Holland will be celebrating Sinterklaas. It’s a traditional holiday that is going on for two centuries or so. During this festivity, an old white man with a long white beard arrives to Holland with his boat. He travels with his helpers, the blackfaced zwarte Pieten and comes to bring gifts and candy to the Dutch children.

Every year this tradition brings up a lot of emotions among the Dutch people. There are those who find it offensive and racist that a white man paints his face black just to honor a tradition. And then there are those that state that it is just a tradition and that if you feel offended by the appearance of zwarte Piet, you should just move out of the country. Because why would the Dutch ever bow to what a “minorty” has to say about their values?

You be the judge:

2 thoughts on “Blackface is Standard Costume for Sinterklaas in Holland

  1. Racism is bad. Maybe you should move, if people are so full of hate where you live now then why waste your life there? Come to Jersey, you would love it here!

    1. Racism is lame. But to move away because if it doesn’t help, I think. But I’d love to check out Jersey some time, though.

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