Money problems and conspiracy theories…

The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Throughout the centuries that phrase has proven to be very very true… The only conspiracy theory that makes sense to me, so far.

People used to be embarrased about the fact that they have no job, a pile of debts and aren’t as rich as they thought their make-believe loans would make them to be. Suddenly, everyone knows what it’s like to have to cut back in their luxury lifestyle and claim that they are broke as frack. These days, more and more people have conversations like these without any shame at all:


More and more people are losing their jobs and more and more complete families are getting kicked out of their homes because more and more people have annorexic wallets, unable to pay important bills. And that’s pretty darn sad, yes it is.

I have never been blessed when it comes to my financial status. I’m not complaining here, just stating how it is. As a kid I remember how rich kids would mock me because I was walking around in home-made outfits and second hand shoes from my fat cousin, while others were sporting their expensive brand clothes. Jesus’ goal was not to own any earthly treasures, but to share everything He had with anyone. Poor people among one another tend to be very generous and appreciate the smaller things in life more. Yet, I’ve been in churches where the “church elite” treat you like dirt because your bank account isn’t big enough.

But now that the economic crisis spreads throughout the western society,  everyone knows how it’s like to be broke? When you tell someone you prefer to shop at discount stores, they all nod and agree and admit that they do it too. Maybe it’s wrong of me, but I cannot help but chuckle when the same people that used to mock me for being poor are now broke as well. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it? ;-p

The financial crisis isn’t a new thing, though. Seriously, the western society is so spoiled that when they have to switch from their expensive favorite potatoe chips brand to a less populair potatoe chips brand, they suddenly assume that they know what it feels like to be poor. And yes, a bottle of real Coca Cola does taste different than the cheap watered down cola from your local mini market. So, boo-hoo for you that you aren’t able to go on vacation anymore! There are people out there who never ever have been able to leave their miserable situation either…

Before this whole financial crisis began to decay in your own wallet, there were already millions of children dying from starvation and the lack of decent health care in third world countries, simply because they have no money at all. To them, the financial crisis isn’t just something of the last decade; it’s an ongoing hell.

And while those kids are dying from hunger in Africa, there are people who dare to throw away a fancy lamb dish, simply because it wasn’t prepared according the last trend. Or bawl their eyes out because daddy didn’t get them a fancy car. Darn these spoiled rich kids with their iPhones and fancy expensive clothes that are fabricated by the poor little children, who literally risk their lives making these products in third world countries. But nobody gives a rats ass about issues like these until they occur in their own backyard.

In all honesty, it’s not just the poor kids in Africa that starve. There are poor men, women, children and elderly all over the world. Poverty sucks for everyone.

But who is the blame to all these money problems anyway? In my opinion, it is the blame of every single selfish and spoiled person on this planet. There are a few who are supposedly the big notable philanthropists out there. Yet a whole lot of those so called charity funds and do-good institutes use it for their own personal gain. I’m sorry, but it just makes me sick to think that there are people out there who use the miserable lives of poor children to gain a better status in the public eye and fill their own pockets while doing so. But it goes further than that. Cause even these charity funds all seem to crumble down due to the financial crisis.

There are many fancy conspiracy theories about this to be found all over the internet. Just type in financial crisis in youtube and you’ll have a million results. Some are a bit far fetched while others do seem quite legit. For instance; Some say we are all going through a financial crisis because of the elite rich people that are fracking us over.

Here’s what was spread via MSNBC 2 years ago, about the “Biggest Con Exposed”

And here’s another one trying to explain why your money vaporizes. It’s itled the American Dream, but I think it is actually quite applicable to any country these days with a wobbly economy:

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