Scrub Reruns

So… I’ve been watching Scrubs reruns since last weekend’s Scrub Weekend on Comedy Central and they have been airing the sitcom every single day since the Scrubs Weekend.

While typing this out, I am in fact watching the same friggin episode I’ve seen last weekend. The same episode with J.D. and Turk who actually plan to have a bromance dinner but instead decide to sit at this lonely guy’s death-bed and hang out with him until he passes away. The J.D and Turk bromance is just so firggin adorable.

Scrubs is so cool. It’s one of the few sitcoms I enjoy watching over and over again. I’ve downloaded torrentz of every season of the brilliant sitcom years ago (except season 9, for some reason). So whenever they don’t air reruns on TV I watch the show at night when I’m not in a gaming mode and not able to sleep and not have the need to watch cartoons.

Words cannot express how jolly this geek is feeling right now. Hooray for being unemployed and having the ability to watch Scrubs every single day. Let me just refill my glass of pleegzuster bloedwijn and get on with my boring self… And watch some more Scrubs…

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