Newsboys Restart

Newsboys has been around for quite some time now and has gone through some changes ever since they formed back in the late ’80s. They’ve survived quite some bands that formed way after the late ’80’s too. God sure has blessed these guys, that’s for sure.

I for one really enjoy their music. They are uplifting, funny, energetic, funky and inspirational and proof (along with lots of other Christian musicians out there) that Christian music doesn’t have to be dull.

In 2009 frontman Peter Furler announced he wanted to put down the mic and focus more on a supportive role. None other than Michael Tate, former DC Talk member,  took over the mic. Some were a bit skeptical about Michael Tate replacing Peter Furler.

I was lucky to see the Newsboys perform live at a Christian Rock Festival in the summer of 2009, one of the first performances of Newsboys with Michael Tate. And man does he have a load of energy! He erased the skepticism the moment he came up with that positive attitude of his and of course his incredible voice that suits so well with the band’s style. The crowd was loving it!

It was an interesting time in my life, because I was as always, broke as frack and really wanted to go to this Rock Festival. And so I signed up to help out at the festival’s backstage restaurant. Washing dishes, cleaning toilets and tending the bar for the Christian “celebs”. It was totally worth it, because the atmosphere there at the Christian Rock Festival was just indescribably awesome. And I got to see the Newsboys perform with Michael Tate! Wow, just wow 😀

Later on that night I was tending the bar at the backstage restaurant again and I remember how the Newsboys came along to have themselves a drink and some grub. I remember how nice they were and how down to earth and humble they were, compared to the snobby other Christian musicians I had seen passing by at the festival.

Yeah, Newsboys are totally awesome 🙂

And they are coming with a new album this year! This 16th new studio album of theirs is titled Restart and will be out on September 10. There’s a snippet of “Live With Abandon”, the first single available on their official website and its sooooo funky! Can’t wait to add this new album to my eclectic collection. In the mean time, feel free to enjoy their 15th studio album God’s Not Dead with me 😀

Have a blessed Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Newsboys Restart

  1. This blog is… how do I say it? AWESOME!!! This song changed my life. I love NEWSBOYS and Thank you!

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