Pet Bearding?

Aparently there’s a new trend rising up on the internet. Forget Goat Editions, Harlem Shakes, Planking and all the other out-dated trends we’ve had yesterday. The new trend is: Bearding. This so-called bearding involves holding an animal’s face in front of one’s face to give the impression of a glorious, luxuriant beard. It looks something like this:

So far I’ve only seen dog and cat owners do it. Would be kinda funny to see someone try posing for a Pet Bearding Meme with their bird, their pet reptile, or their pet pig even 😛 Or maybe with a rat, or some other rodent.

Don’t get me wrong, I like cats and dogs. But there aren’t just cat and dog owners out there! I like all types of animals, really. Now it just seems like there are more cat and dog owners out there. Which is of course baloney, since I for one am a rabbit owner myself and there are plenty of people out there who don’t go for the stereotype pets. So again, it would be fun if not just the typical cat and dog owners would participate with this Meme… But to see some exotic pets pose for beards also 😛

But anyways… Everyone their thing, right? Live and let live. Let it be. And all those wise phrases. Yada yada. Moving on…

AgfaPhotoYesterday, in an act of boredom, I tried snapping similar pictures with my two rabbits…

Queen Mashimaro didn’t really like the idea of posing as “my beard”. She kept moving around whenever I wanted to snap the picture with my crappy camera.

And so she showed off her own whiskers instead. Ah heck, she always had her own style anyways. It ended up looking like this (see picture). Isn’t she lovely?

But I have two rabbits. And I was still bored.

And so I tried my luck again with Queen Droppie, and have her to pose as “my beard” too. She was a little more cooperative than her sister. But to actually say that she looks like “my beard” is not really it, now is it? Just take a look at it yourself, for it ended up looking a bit like this:


Ah well, it was fun trying. Anyone had their own pet pose for a beard yet? I’d like to see it 🙂 I guess I better scout the internet for some of them new memes, while the boss aint looking 😛

4 thoughts on “Pet Bearding?

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