The mystery around Eminem’s New Album….

Rumor has it for quite the while now that Eminem will release a new album sometime this year. He has teamed up with Dr. Dre in the studio again, of course.

And, apparently Chris Rock joined Eminem in the studio too. At least, that’s what this picture is insinuating… (see right) Sure, white people all look the same but still… I personally don’t think that the white guy in this picture is Eminem. Unless he had a facelift?

What I do know is that Eminem will come to Europe this summer, taking along Yelawolf and Kendrick Lamar to open for him. Sure promises to be quite the treat for the hip hop heads out there. And he’s coming to Pukkelpop, a festival in Belgium. Which makes this Dutchie quite enthusiastic 😀

So uhm, word has it that the mysterious new Eminem album will actually drop on May 28, which is in fact 2 days from now. Others claim its release won’t be until somewhere in July.  Would be kind of nice to bump Eminem’s stuff through the speakers during the summer. At a beach or whatever, would definitely be nice.

Dr. Dre said in an interview that this new album is going to be quite inspiring. Only makes the curiosity even bigger to hear a statement like that.

Well, I sure can’t wait to hear it. I’m in need of some more Eminem rants to add to my collection. Until then;

4 thoughts on “The mystery around Eminem’s New Album….

  1. Impressive piece of writing. Unfortunately I checked all the obvious music sources for this so called new Eminem Album today, with no luck.

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