The Queen is home

AgfaPhotoLike I wrote earlier today; I picked up Mashimaro from the vet this afternoon, together with my mom and sis. Once we arrived there, the assistant told us all about what happened during the morning. Of course Mashimaro flew again. They had to sedate her, because even with a male veterinarian, a female veterinarian and an assistant they were not able to hold her down for the x-ray.

The x-ray thankfully pointed out that Mashimaro doesn’t have any gallstones, or tumours in her bladder. There’s nothing wrong with her uturis either. It appears Mashimaro holds up her pee for too long, ending up peeing over herself once her tiny bladder is too full. The result is comparable to the rash babies have when their diaper doesn’t get changed on time. And because of the rash, which hurts, Mashimaro tries to hold up her pee again. And because of the rash, she ends up with a sticky butt. It’s an ongoing cycle.

The vet prescribed new medication for this condition. The upcoming 10 days I will have to give the medication to her each morning and night. The vet wished us the best of luck because they tried giving her the medication as well this morning and had a hard time doing so. Mashimaro sure put up a struggle. If she were a human child I’d still be kind of proud of the fact that she doesn’t take shit from nobody, no matter how sick she feels.

Heck, when we picked her up from the vet and when the assistant wanted to get Mashimaro out of her guest cage, even while still being half sedated; Mashimaro wanted to fly again. Thankfully her travel box was already prepped and she was at ease as soon as she saw my mom and I. Talk about a momma’s girl 🙂

AgfaPhotoThe vet told us that her bladder condition is not completely curable. We can get rid of the rash with some allantoin which I will have to rub on her sore bottom, and we do have to check whether she keeps on peeing by herself or not. It’s a bit inconvenient for her, but not lethal. I have to make sure she drinks more and eats lots of veggies (thankfully she prefers veggies above the usual rabbit food).

We’re all very happy to have her home again. I’m just glad the Queen loves to be pampered by those she trusts; me, my sis or my mom. Which makes it a whole lot easier to give her medication or help her eat.  The Queen is getting spoiled even more now.

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