Can I have another weekend, please?

Well… It appears I’ve been using WordPress for 365 days already, which means I’ve been blurting out random nonsense on here for a year! *whoot whoot*


Well, it sure was an interesting weekend; My best friend’s kid finally passed for her swimming diploma and my mom needed help to get prepped for an Indonesian party complete with traditional clothing (Sarong Kebaya along with a corset are quite tricky to put on all by yourself). Then Backstreet Boys celebrated their 20th anniversary, Mashimaro was in need of her monthly bath and spring seemed to have finally kicked in! (Knocks on wood in hopes it’ll stay sunny and warm).

Oh, in other news: I’ve survived Sunday’s Dutch Fantasy Fair! It was quite the experience and my poor feet are still sore because we had been walking around the huge land of Elfia for hours.

The fact that I wore these awesome boots might be a part of my sore feet issue as well… I was dressed in a random outfit with stuff I had hanging about in my own closet and wore some rubber elven ears. Eventhough my outfit looks quite “alternative” it was nothing compared to the real fanatics that walked around at yesterday’s Fair.

my random outfit

It was a bit of a challenge to put the elven ears on for my sister and I; The latex glue that came along with it wasn’t in its original liquid form anymore :S (We bought them cheap from a Party Shop downtown last month and I guess for E 3,95 you can’t expect the best quality). About 10 minutes before we had to take our train to our destination, we finally managed to get the ears to stick… Yeah, talk about timing.

So… My sister and I hopped into the train, on our way to meet up with our friends. It’s been a while since I’ve walked around like a “freak” in public like that. To think that 15 years ago I would’ve walked around in public in a rainbow outfit with ease… 😛


We met up with my friends, who weren’t dressed up for the fair. Except for my friend’s  kid, who was dressed like a little fearie with the cutest pink dress and wings. Which was completely fine, because lots of other visitors of the Fantasy Fair weren’t dressed up either. In fact, about 2/3rd of the visitors of the festival wore normal clothes.

Castle Haarzuilens is an astonishing sight to see on it’s own. Combined with all the fantasy elements of the Fair it almost felt like walking around in a dream.

It appears to be one of the biggest Fantasy events in Europe. At least, that’s what claims it to be. There sure were a lot of tourists from outside the country to attend the fair, anyway.

In Germany this organization has a similar festival. Which was quite noticeable during the Dutch Fantasy Fair, because the majority of the stands and most of the workshops and shows at the festival were either in German or English.

We have seen lots of wonderful customes passing by during our stroll around the Fantasy Fair. Aside from the typical fantasy characters like The Mad Hatter, Snow White, a bunch of Pirates, Dwarves, Orcs, Elves and a few Hobbits, we’ve also seen a lot of Anime characters like Pikachu and Naruto.  I’ve also seen Super Mario, Samurai warriors,  Fursuits and some Starwars Stormtroopers. I’ve even seen a few Vault Dwellers wandering around, as a Fallout fan I was quite impressed about that of course.

The area around the Castle was quite impressive and larger than we had expected it to be. We’ve seen a LARP match, a dance contest of which my friend’s kid volunteered to judge, a costume contest, a Steampunk Parade, a sword fighting show and medieval dance shows. My friend and her kid had hoped to explore the castle, but to be able to do so we had to pay an extra fee on top of the ticket we had already purchased… We choose not to pay the extra fee.

There were a few other things about the Fantasy Fair that annoyed my friends and I a bit;  Eventhough we had purchased a map of the festival area it was quite tricky to locate certain shows and workshops. Later on we discovered that some of the shows and workshops were either canceled or had been moved to other parts of the Festival Area. Because of that, we ended up walking around in circles most of the event, missing out on things that could’ve been awesome.

Something else that slightly bothered me about the festival was the fact that the prices for some fries or any other random snacks were way too expensive. I understand that food stands and such have to pay a fee to be able to sell their products, but to charge someone 5 bucks for a can of soda is ridiculous.

I’m glad I had packed my own sandwiches and a bottle of water. The “medieval” snacks they sold during the festival did smell tasty, though. I don’t eat pork but my friend said the pork on a stick was delicious.

Despite of those little fails, my sis and I did think it was an interesting experience to stroll around the Fantasy Fair. My friend however wasn’t sure whether she’d attend it again next year. She’s not much of a freaky geek like my sis and I 😛

If my sis and I go to the Fantasy Fair again next year, we are considering to try and get ourselves a more freakier outfit; complete with a full face mask or something. And to then travel by train again; that’d be pretty hysterical.

All in all it was a fun weekend. I could sure use another weekend, though; this one went by too fast.

AND IN OTHER NEWS; Backstreet Boys’ Walk of Fame Star is official:

2 thoughts on “Can I have another weekend, please?

    1. Thanks!

      When it’s food I couldn’t buy anywhere else, I don’t mind the over pricing. But to overprice fries is lame.

      Now I’m hungry…

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