Getting rid of wisdom

So… Last week I was nagging about this excruciating pain in my lower jaw that kept me up nights in a row. I’ve been to the dentist last week. I’m blessed with a bunch of good friends and a sweet sister, who dragged me to my first appointment with a dentist in 6 years.

The dentist was a really nice guy, btw. He wondered whether my wisdom teeth were acting up. He suggested an x-ray, since it was very hard for me to open my mouth. Gosh, I simply couldn’t open my mouth, it was all swollen. I looked a friggen hamster!

On the x-ray it looks like my skull is laughing, because of the long roots of the wisdom teeth in my upper jaw. Turns out that the pain was caused by my upper wisdom teeth. The dentist claims he never saw roots as long as mine, not sure if he said it just to make me feel special, though…

It appears that I never grew any lower wisdom teeth and now my upper wisdom teeth keep growing all the way down, trying to fill up the empty space where my lower wisdom teeth were supposed to be. And so the upper wisdom teeth keep “cutting” into the flesh inside my cheeks and my lower jaw. It’s a very fun feeling, I can tell ya that.

Despite the fact that I haven’t been to a dentist for over 6 years, the dentist complimented me about the fact that I didn’t have any holes in my teeth. It’s just that my upper wisdom teeth can’t seem to stop growing.

The dentist prescribed me antibiotics for the passed few days until the swelling would disappear and my fever would fade. And then I could come back, so the dentist can remove my wisdom teeth.

The antibiotics worked well. Made me feel like quite the hyperactive zombie. Wich was more than great, because in the meantime I had my best friend’s birthday. She had asked me to help out. Luckily I was able to entertain guests at my best friend’s birthday party filled with the buzz of antibiotics! Yeah, sure was marvelous.

I’ve also made her a birthday cake, which I couldn’t even eat myself because I wasn’t able to chew anything solid for at least a week 😦 But oh well, it’s a good way to lose some extra pounds I guess; let’s keep it positive *whooooooot*

My friend’s birthday party was fun, btw. We did some Dance vs Karaoke games. Everyone had to pick a card from a box and the card either had a title of a song to dance or to sing along to. Some cards were for a solo act, others for a duo or group act. Of course we also did Psy’s Gangnam Style; the kids loved it!

Note to self: Slap me silly, please.

The pain is pretty much gone now. Aside from the antibiotics the dentist prescribed me, I’ve also used some Indonesian herbs to get rid of the swelling. Cloves sure do the trick against tooth aches, it reduces the swelling. And some Minyak Gosok Cap Tawon numbs down the pain in general, giving you a nice “buzz”.

Seriously; I was stoned off my ass due to the cocktail of all sorts of medications.

teeth2This upcoming Friday I will have my next appointment with the dentist. The guy who helped me last week isn’t available so I’ll have another dentist to explore my mouth, so he… *shudders* can try to remove my wisdom teeth. They say upper wisdom teeth are easier to pull? But the roots are quite long… so they also warned me that if they can’t pull it out, I’d have to go to the hospital instead.

Please root for me, ok? I’m still shitting bricks for the dentist, but to go to a hospital sounds even more horrifying.

I wonder if I could have my wisdom teeth as a souviner, once they are removed? Would be quite cool 😛

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