Pillar time

It’s Sunday and I figured to post a bunch of Christian themed songs on this blog. Some folks may assume that Christian tunes are all sappy and slow. That’s not true, though.

Ever heard of  Pillar? Those guys sure can make a lot of noise! Pillar announced through their official Facebook page and YouTube channel that all four original members (Rob Beckley, Noah Henson, Michael Kalel Wittig and Lester Estelle) would be reuniting with plans of releasing a new album in 2013.

This is our official announcement to you guys, our fans, that we’re going to put another Pillar record out with the four members that you know and love. Our hearts have been just completely restored as friends and with our relationship with God. It’s just where we are right now – we’re all in great places and we’re incredibly thankful where we are. Thank you to the fans for giving us this time to be able to regroup and solidify our lives to be better husbands, to be better fathers and to be better people so we can get to a place where we can regroup and put together a record…

I personally can’t wait to hear the result of the original crew together, their first album still gives me goosebumps. Those guys rock! I’ve been lucky enough to have seen them perform live in my teenaged years and I can tell ya; they sure have a LOT of energy on stage. Postive energy. Bless them 🙂

Anywayz; so it’s Pillar time. Enjoy:

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