The Passion of the Christ

It is the 31st of March, Easter Sunday. Today many Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Easter Sunday is typically the most well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches, aside from Christmas services and Pentecost.

BTW: The weather forecast predicts that here in The Netherlands our Easter Holiday will be COLDER than last Christmas. How silly is that?

Just so you know: It is actually Thursday as I type this up. My weekend is going to be quite hectic. But I find Easter one of the most important Holidays ever, along with Christmas and Pentecost. So, I wanted to make sure I’d post SOMETHING, ANYTHING AT ALL on Easter Sunday, even when I’m not able to access a computer on the specific day itself… So… Yeah… 🙂

This Saturday I have a friend’s birthday to attend to (I’m supposed to help bake her birthday cake tomorrow (Friday), actually.) Then there’s of course the option to go to church on Sunday. I’m not much of a church goer to be honest, I somehow never seem to fit/get along with a lot of the Lord’s “Holy ground control”…

I admit that I’m anything but a perfect Christian, I don’t need others to point that out for me. Instead, I try to be as transparent as possible, true to myself. And (unfortunately) in most churches today it’s more about the outside, about how “holy” someone acts, hiding their true colors just for the Sunday Service.

You know what? This probably doesn’t sound very “christian-like”, just like my entire blog isn’t very christian-like… But I am my own personal church; I can pray and praise the Lord all by myself in the comfort of my own home. And I can read the Bible all by myself and learn His teachings all by myself. It is a whole lot more NURISHING to me.

Of course it is better to “fellowship with fellow believers”,.. But hey, sometimes it’s good to have some “one-on-one” time, you know? It’s like visiting your parents; Sure it can be more fun when the entire family is together, but isn’t it more precious and special when you are just with your mom and/or dad? That’s how I see it with God too. I love spending time with just Him all by myself 🙂

What is so important about Easter, to me? Well… Despite of all the crazy things I may have said and done in my life, despite of all the stupid stuff I still do in my life; I know He loves me to death and sacrificed Himself so that you and I may have the chance to screw up and try again every morning… Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday; to offer the gift of eternal life and forgiveness of our sins. It’s not just a religion to me, it’s a relationship; a one-to-one connection with Jesus that I wish I could describe in ways, without sounding like a floating fruitcake. Oh well…

So… I might go to church… I might not go to church this Easter Sunday. I don’t know yet.

Besides… There are more ways to reflect Jesus’ sacrifice on this special day.For instance;  By painting easter eggs and having a nice meal together with your friends and family, while watching TV with Easter themed cartoons and movies.

Here in The Netherlands they started a new tradition last year, for all the people at home watching TV during Easter. They air a  an outdoors live musical with lots of Dutch famous actors and musicians, telling the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection through well-known Dutch songs while walking through Den Haag, where the Dutch Queen has one of her castles.

The event attracts a huge crowd and while the Dutch singers and actors start from one part of the city, one playing Jesus and the others representing the apostles; Another group starts at the other part of town carrying this massive white cross along with them. Eventually they all  meet up in the center of the city; the actors and the cross carried by the people.

It’s quite an impressive sight to see all those people walk through the city of Den Haag, while carrying along this huge heavy cross. It takes 16 grown men to carry the thing through the city and they all do it with such respect. Aside from the cross carriers, there are hundreds of people who follow that cross. Some people aren’t even religious, but participate pure out of interest and respect.

His message is quite clear for anyone willing to accept it; we all have our own cross to carry. And it’s a blessing when someone is willing to carry that cross with you, to sacrifice their time, their life so that you may have another chance.

And then there’s always the option to watch Mel Gibson’s Passion Of The Christ. I’ve seen this movie in theaters with my sister when it came out in 2004 and it still touches me everytime I see a scene of the movie.

If you can’t stand blood and gore, it is recommended not to hit play…

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