Another baby elephant on the way!

Hello dear readers!

Great news; A few months ago my spouse and I build ourselves a new nest, because we are expecting a second child! We have each taken turns to keep the egg warm for the passed few months now and it finally paid off. The egg is probably going to hatch one of these days!

Here’s a pictue of my wife sitting on our nest:

Trunkette sitting on nest

Our little Dumpling will have a baby brother or sister! She is so excited about it, we all are! You should’ve seen the expression on her face when we announced that the egg will hatch very soon.

Dumpling and the egg
giant egg
Our egg has grown a whole lot

There’s just one small problem, though. We still haven’t figured out what to name the little hatchling yet. We have to come up with something very soon. My spouse thought Dumbo would be a good name, but I find it too cliche. I was thinking about naming the baby Eggnogg, but my spouse doesn’t like it. Any suggestions?

It’s my turn to sit on the nest now. I will of course keep you posted both on my own and on Gatsie’s blog.


Pinky Elefant

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